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So last night I apparently repeated one that I had already posted...oops. Since I've been doing 2 at a time I've had to rearrange the schedule a bit. Ok, here's the real number 16:

16. She’s an incredible sister. It’s true. I mean, an incredible sister. Kelli grew up a little bit faster than most kids. When she was 16 she started taking on a lot of responsibility around the house. Her mom was going back to school and her sisters couldn’t drive so most of Kel’s new responsibilities centered around Lauren and Chloe. Was she perfect? No. Was she still a sister? Yes. They fought about all the things sisters fight about (clothes). But still the way she looked after and loved on her sisters caught my attention very early on and I always knew it was the way I wanted my future wife to treat her siblings. We started dating about the same time Kelli took on her new responsibilities and it has always been on my list of things I adore about her. Even now, they live in separate cities, Kelli is still selfless and sacrificial in their relationships. They are best friends, and I love watching them together.

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Lauren said...

True dat! Love you!