our first overnight hospital visit...

it's amazing how much a few hours can change so much. it all started sunday afternoon (the 2nd) at the airport. canon woke up from his nap seeming fine. we got everyone in the car to head to the airport to pick my sister up. canon loves going to the airport. aunt lala got in the car, we pulled away from the curb, and 5 seconds later, canon's throwing up and not stopping. i may or may not have freaked out. gross. so thankful lane was with me and remained calm. he pulled over (in a no park zone, but the security guard came over and just stood by our van allowing us to do our thing) and started cleaning canon up with what we have. in those situations, i don't even know where to begin. his car seat was covered so we wrapped canon in ledger's blanket and he rode home in lauren's lap. i picked giving him a bath vs cleaning/rinsing the carseat and clothes.
once he was clean and the laundry started, for some reason, i laid him on the couch with a movie. not 20 minutes later, he got sick. great. more laundry. and my couch is disgusting. after cleaning everything again. he then moved to the floor and remained there until morning. he got sick every 1 1/2-2 hours through the night. lane slept next to him and would come get me when he was sick. when we woke up, i called our nurseline to ask what the stomach bug that's been going around looked liked. when i told her how much he'd been sick and that he couldn't even take a sip of water without throwing up, she told us to come right in. that the doctor would want to do iv fluids for 8 hours. i packed a bag of entertainment and extra clothes to get us through the day and off we went. as we were waiting to get labwork at the office, he got sick on both of us so we had to do a quick wardrobe change in the bathroom. he was so lethargic and just laid on the exam table waiting to see our doctor. as soon as she came in and saw him and his lab values, she sent us to the hospitals outpatient unit to get fluids and zofran.
lane met us there once his parents picked up ledger. i knew canon didn't feel good at all because he never cried when anyone did any procedure to him. he usually flips out if they look at him. once everything got going, he just slept. at one point, 2 residents came in and asked us a bunch of questions and said they'd get back to us. it confused us and our nurse since we were following our doctors orders. the resident came back in and said they were going to admit him and left. our nurse instantly called our peditrician to find out what was going on, and she said she felt he was one throw-up away from being really sick and that she'd feel better if he stayed and got fluids through the night. at that point, we were totally ok. we trust and like her a lot. around 4, they sent us up to out room and we settled in for another LONG night. we watched the incredibles 532 times. lane left around 10 and we went to sleep. the nurse told us that they come in every 2 hours throughout the night. nice. we finally ended up staying awake around 630. the resident came in around 8 and said his morning labs looked good, but we'd have to wait for the attending to come by and see him around 10. we waited. and waited. finally, he came in around 1245 to release us, but said it'd be 2 hours before we could get our papers. we finally peaced out about 345. i could not get out fast enough. my bed felt so wonderful that night :)

it's amazing that only 15 hours of throw-up made him so sick. it's also amazing that just pumping fluids back into him made him feel like a new person. i did think a lot of those families whose lives revolve around hospital visits. i can't imagine that being the "norm". the past 2 months, except about 2 weeks worth of healthy days, have been so trying. so thankful we are finally all healthy.

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