blizzard excitement...

it's funny lane has posted about my love for weather and watching the news the past couple of days. the past 12 hours those 2 loves have collided! i was so excited yesterday evening that my heart was racing. i'd randomly go "eeeeeeeeee!". it was annoying, i'm sure. as were (and are) my excessive tweets. i just can't help myself! this is the ideal winter storm...as long as i keep my power..ha!

we went to bed about 1:45 and i set my alarm to go off when the CONTINUOUS WEATHER COVERAGE began at 4:30. around 5:15, i tried to go back to bed, but couldn't settle down. i've already had a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee. today is going to be a long day running on 3 hours of sleep. hopefully, i'll nap while the boys are.

my mother-in-law and i have been texting for the past hour. she loves this as much as i do. we're watching the same channel so we can discuss the news people and road conditions...ha.

we probably have 6ish" right now and they're calling for 9-13" for our area. it's hard to know for sure since the wind is blowing so hard (25-40 mph wind gusts), but i love it. this morning is absolutely perfect. love that the city is shut down. i love that it forces people to slow down and enjoy their families (hopefully). i love that it reminds me of god's grace. i love that it shows me his creative side (thundersnow...really?). i LOVE THE SNOW!!

back to the news... :)

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kyle and megan said...

i'm glad that someone is enjoying it, lol. give me sunshine please! :)