the great blizzard of 2011...

this storm delivered!! it was exactly what i've been hoping for for months. our official snow totals were 14". all-time record. love it.
after breakfast, we decided to bundle up and go "exploring". you can tell we don't get blizzards often! the drifts were ridiculous. the wind was biting. the snow hurt. not really playing outside weather! doesn't ledger make a cute penguin?
since the drifts were so deep, we decided to walk straight out our door down our invisible sidewalk to the street. the snow was up past our knees in most places...crazy. lane missed the hidden steps a couple of times which was entertaining.
the boys were done at this point. they weren't feeling a family pic!
"what do y'all think of the snow?"...
our frozen dirty diaper stash. our trashcan was buried at the curb...wishful thinking that they'd actually be out today!
the aftermath...
so beautiful. lane went out to play...i mean dig the trashcan out and move it back to the house! i can't get over the snow drifts.

we're supposed to be below freezing until saturday. and the plows more than likely won't be clearing neighborhoods so it looks like we're stuck at home for a few days. LOVE.

edit: also, lane's cousin, his wife, eden, and big sis nora welcomed their sweet baby girl, cordie today! we can't wait to meet her. we love their family SO much. congratulations, y'all :)

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Jenny said...

WOW...look at all that snow! Looks like fun! Stay warm-girl!!!