festive decor...

let me start by saying my house is really boring (except for my avocado green kitchen walls). this is the first time in 6 moves that we haven't had anything up on the walls (except the boys room and our hallway). in the 3 places we lived previously that we had free reign over, our house was fully decorated and coordinated. then we bought a house...and changed our "style". i garage saled all our old stuff and have yet to replace it. i guess we are waiting to get the furniture we want before filling in the smaller details. that's ok. we love our big 'ol windowed house and it's potential. it's pretty darn cute.
anyways, i'm not one to really decorate according to seasons (except christmas!), much less each little holiday. but there is one thing i do for every single minor or major holiday......and that is buy napkins to coordinate with the time of year! i LOVE hobby lobby's cute napkins. it's a big 'ol package of 50 for $4.99, but i always buy them half off or print off the 40% coupon. i'll admit, napkins are my weakness. it's my contribution to festiveness! LOVE this month :)

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The Herron Nest said...

I do the same thing! We have coasters that fit beverage napkins so I put them in there and instant touch of whatever holiday it is. Love it!