things i LOVE as of late...

in honor of the month of LOVE, i thought i'd share some things i am currently loving (in no specific order)...

  • Crisco® No-Stick Cooking Spray: i've actually used it for almost 5 years now, but today, i was thinking about how simple the twist lid is versus the annoying lid that was impossible to get off.
  • St. Ives Replenishing Mineral therapy: i LOVE this lotion. i don't wear a lot of perfume, but i do use a scented lotion to make up for that fact. this lotion not only makes my skin feel wonderful, it has the best perfume-like scent. it's very soft smelling and fresh! and it only cost $3.
  • Pampers Sensitive ThickCare Wipes: we are pampers snobs. i've tried too many brands and had too many problems to waste anymore money. i don't like the "wipe smell" so i get sensitive since they're unscented. i also like thicker wipes. i feel like i can clean more with one thick wipe! this is a current LOVE since we've been out of our big box of pampers and i've been using target brand for 2 weeks!
  • Great Value Distilled White Vinegar: i have a new obsession with vinegar! i clean EVERYTHING with it. i like how fresh it makes my house feel and i LOVE how healthy it is for my family!
  • Goody Brunette Collection Bobby Pins: i'm in the process of growing my hair out. therefore i ALWAYS have bobby pins in my hair....either my bangs twisted back or my bangs in a pouf. LOVE the brown metallic pins!
  • TV Series "Lie to Me": this show is so good!! it's a fox series that is in it's 3rd season. our friend introduced us to it in the late summer and let us borrow the first season. we are currently watching the 2nd season via netflix. LOVE it...and the characters!
  • Snow Days with my Family: a given LOVE.
happy valentine's day!

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