our playroom and the simplest wall decor ever...

aka our sanity room...most of the time! i find it strange that my children have a FUN room that it specifically their's, but often are found following me around or bringing every toy from the playroom into the living room. i suppose it's sweet that they like me so much :)

when we were looking at houses, it was VERY important to have an extra bedroom or extra living room. living in an apartment where our tiny living room was also our toyroom put that at the top of the list! we lucked out with the most perfect room. it's at the end of the house so it's not too visible from our guest's view (code for i can chunk everything in there in a matter of seconds).

now before i introduce you to our playroom, you must know that to this day, the ONLY toy we have ever bought is the basketball goal. our boys have VERY generous family and friends that keep them hooked up!

you should also know that until ledger's birthday, we had no storage in that room whatsoever. all toys were lined up on the wall which made it look like a constant state of emergency! we scored some storage that we are so grateful for. this is the first room that is completely "done" (with the exception of adding a couple touches to the walls) in our house...and it makes me excited after a year!!
my mom has loved this sign at hobby lobby for over a year now. it ended up being one of their christmas gifts! i have to admit...it's perfect for the room and them. they are ALL boy! this cute little "art holder thingy" has been floating around in my head for awhile now, too. when i saw a friend of mine do it in her playroom, i decided now was the time. ESPECIALLY, since canon has started school. he brings home 3 "crafts" as we call them a week between school and church. and now ledger is coloring pages, too, at church! i love them...really. my mom saved tons of ours, and i'm just as sentimental. i digress. i bought some twine and medium sized clothes pins at hobby lobby and...voila.
and this little stinker would not look at me to take a picture for anything. it was a fun game to him. good thing his profile is just as cute!! sidenote: he has learned "mine" in the past month. no idea where it came from (school, maybe?). anyways, he knows which chair says his name and does not like it when ledger decides to sit in it. we have had several talks about sharing and lovingly saying things lately. we prob shouldn't have put their names on them to prevent fighting. oh, well.


Lisa said...

I'm pretty sure the "mine" did come from school. It is a commonly spoken word in the green room.

Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Love the colors in the room! We have those same red fabric bins on our changing table and plan on getting one of those white cubby shelves for toys when we stop using the changing table!

anxiously hopeful said...

Love the chairs!