a breakthrough...

today is yet ANOTHER snowday! this makes day #8 in a row that the schools have been out (i just got a text from tps saying they were out AGAIN tomorrow...insane). i'm pretty sure this has never happened and will never happen again in oklahoma. we only got about 5" yesterday, but that brings the total to just over 25" in a week.

i came to the conclusion that the amount we get is never good enough for me...i always want more!! especially, when just 45 minutes away, they got 20-25" in one snow!! anyways, even though i was a bit of a debbie downer about this week's white stuff, i have thoroughly enjoyed getting another day at home with all my guys. it's so beautiful while it's falling!

now onto the breakthrough...
canon LOVES the snow...finally!

the past 2 winters and especially this past week, we've tried to get him to go out and at least touch it, but he wouldn't. didn't want to walk on it. didn't even want to eat it and he loves ice! this afternoon, it had stopped snowing and the sun was out. lane was going to shovel our driveway and asked canon if he wanted to go outside with him. much to our surprise, he said YES!! i bundled him up so fast hoping he wouldn't change his mind. he didn't

lane eased him into it by letting him walk around on the shoveled driveway. by the time i got out there with video camera and camera, he was having a ball kicking snow piles and throwing icicles he had gotten off our vans. he also enjoyed walking around making big circles in the yard, eating snow, and being pulled around on the shovel by lane (we're ghetto).

he stayed out there for 25 minutes and wouldn't have come in if lane didn't make him. next year, we plan on getting the boys some serious winter wear gear. this makes me one happy mama! i hope my boys LOVE snow as much as i do...even though it will be for different reasons :)

i'm betting we have one more good 8+" snow in the next month and a half. i'm just saying is all...and praying...

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Lisa said...

Bite your tongue! We don't need any more snow this year! I don't really want any next year either. I am sick of snow! No more praying please!