a simple joy...

my word...it's so hard to remember back to this time when ledger was so wee. this time last year he was just 2 months old!! i LOVE the newborn stage, but i have to admit, i LOVE even more the stages my guys are at now. it amazes me that each day, month, and year causes me to love those babies even more.

back to the true intent of this post. i may or may not be guilty of sneaking into ledger's room at night and bringing him to my bed to snuggle. let me explain. i know they say "never wake a sleeping baby". i also know they say "a schedule is key." blah, blah, blah. i know all these things, but i also know that this sweet time of my boys being babies is FLYING by. knowing this simple truth has caused lane and i to seize every moment we can in this stage.

i would NEVER do this with canon because a) it would wake him up and b) he would never go back to sleep...ha!! but ledger is still at the point where i can pick him up and he stays asleep, and in the off chance he wakes up, he'll go right back to sleep when he gets in his bed. usually when i do this, lane is playing video games with his cousins. i put ledge in my bed and stroke his head and pray for both he and canon. it has become such a sweet time of prayer. if he's awake, i sing soft songs to him or just look at him. my heart is always so full that it feels like it may burst!

since i can't fall asleep with him in the bed, after about 20-30 minutes, i take him back to his bed. i ,then, effortlessly fall asleep. a simple joy i never want to forget :)


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

what a sweet picture! and i sometimes break the "rules" too and hold hannah while she sleeps when i really should put her in her crib. but i'm cherishing the times that she'll sleep in my arms, cause i know it won't last long.

levi.eden.nora.cordie said...

I still go in and check on Nora every night and stroke her hair kiss her and pray for her. Before Cordie was born, I would lay in her bed with her and enjoy that moment with my girls. I love your perspective, you know what is truly important.