weekend recap...

we had a nice, low-key weekend. after being stuck inside for 5 days, we got out saturday evening and went over to our friends' house for dinner. we were thrilled to be seeing people other than our family's faces!

knowing 2 more snow storms were on their way and coupled with the fact that i don't drive on snow/ice, we headed to target on the way home. i had heard so many awful stories of stores being madhouses and empty, but target was empty and well-stocked at 8 pm. lane dropped canon and i off while he and ledger headed to babies r' us and braums (for milk). we were down to 3 diapers...scary when facing weather like we've had!! i was able to get all of my list except 3 things. pretty good i felt!

sunday morning, we had just one late morning service. it was nice to get to drive with and sit by my husband during church. sounds silly, but i treasure the few times a year i'm able to worship with my husband. he does high school bible class the first hour and then the middle school's big week event 2nd hour.

afterwards, we decided we wanted to go out and eat since we had been eating at home all week and will be again this week. i've been craving mexican so we ended up at abuelo's. it hit the spot. our kids were perfect and filled their sweet bellies full. they were so good. probably because they were able to people watch!

lane was really impressed with our waiter so when he handed us our ticket he asked if he could talk to the guys manager. i'm sure that waiter was freaking out! i told lane i'd prob pass out if someone said that to me. anyway, lane told the manager how well the guy was doing...that he was "johnny on the spot" and "personable without being over the top." the manager thanked him for telling him what they were doing right. our waiter returned and was thankful for lane's kind words. he said we were great customers even though ledger and lane had on their steeler shirts!

which brings me to last night. steelers vs. packers. lane grew up loving the steelers along with his parents and even though i didn't care about football growing up, i was raised with a dad who had always loved the steelers. lane had been looking forward to watching this game so we watched it from home.

i made several snacks. i LOVE it when occasions call for snacks for dinner! i made stuffed jalapenos, harry and david's cream cheese relish dip, pigs in a blanket, and puppy chow. at half time, we had a big 'ol dance party with the black eyed peas...the boys fav thing to do currently! i know their an either love 'em or hate 'em group, but i think they have such a fun energy!
my kitchen lighting is awful on these 2 pics...

i so enjoyed the unexpected amount of snow days this past week with my boys. this will definitely be a memory i'll think of often. it really was my perfect week! schools are still out around here due to the awful condition of the neighborhood streets. it's seriously feels like off-roading! i got an email this morning saying despite tulsa public being out, canon will have school which thrilled him! they're already banking on missing thursday because of another potential 5-10" being dumped on us wednesday. winter wonderland!!

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Brad and Elizabeth said...

I cant believe Tulsa is still out. I would be going crazy as a teacher. i was so ready to get back in my classroom today and see my kiddos! I missed them! I just loved your snow day pictures/activities. We really just got major ice here. Which is not fun to play in!