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Ok so I know that I have missed several days in a row now, but let me explain; all of these are saved on my computer at work so Kelli can't go snooping around and reading them in advance. When the storm hit, I couldn't get up to my office. Sure I could have retyped them, but I didn't. So here you go. #'s 12 and 11.

12. Her creativity. I didn’t know exactly what to call this one. Could have been creativity, or gift giving. These are both things that I love about her. Even though Kelli would say that she is not creative, I decided to go with creativity because it shows itself in more areas than just her gift giving. That said, it shows up there quite a bit. Gift giving is one of her two primary love languages. She truly loves it. Don’t get this confused with “buying people stuff”. They’re different. When Kelli gives gifts she thinks about them. Some times it is buying just the right thing, but more often than not it is doing something outside of the box that is just perfect. I have no clue as to how many gifts she’s given me over the past 8 or 9 years, but I do know that she would call the great majority of them “cheesy”. She’ll get just a little self conscious about it because she’s nervous I won’t like it or something. Although she has absolutely nothing to base that on, I always like it when she gets a little nervous because I know that it is something that she has poured her heart into. There’s a certain level of vulnerability that comes with giving someone something that you have personally worked on. Kelli’s creativity shines through the gifts that she gives me. I love it. Her other creative outlet, as many of you have seen, is all of the fun things she does with the boys. Between the party themes, snowman themes, snacks, and games she is as creative as she is fun. The boys love it. And I love her.

11. Her Selflessness. Nothing I ever get Kelli is good enough. That sounds like a gripe. But it’s not. You would never know that it’s not good enough by talking to Kelli, in fact, she would emphatically claim just the opposite. She wouldn’t claim it in a deceitful way, she truly believes it. I only know that it’s not good enough because I know her. I know her so well that I know what she deserves. Everything. But here’s the thing about Kelli that I love so much, she couldn’t care less. She constantly goes without because she likes giving so much. She loves to take care of the boys and has been known to spend her birthday money on things for them or for other people. And she loves it. It’s not just some begrudging thing she does because she has to. She doesn’t have to. She just likes to. A good definition of humility is that it is not thinking less of yourself, just thinking of yourself less. This just defines Kelli in so many ways. I get to watch on a daily basis her put others before herself. My dad once told me that “love is doing what is in someone else’s best interest regardless of what it means for you.” This is the model that Jesus set for us and the model that Kelli chases after with ferocity. Her example challenges my selfishness, and I love her for it.

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