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8. She Loves Football. This is big time. I grew up with 3 brothers, a dad, and a mom that enjoys football far more than the average girl. I love football. Right now, baseball season is kicking up, NBA playoffs are right around the corner, march madness is here, and not one of them excite me as much as the fact that college football just started spring practice. Don’t get me wrong; I like my cardinals, thunderup, and march madness gives me chills. But football is just different. It’s the weather, it’s the gameday environment, it’s the sentiment, it’s the chili, it’s all of it. I LOVE that Kelli loves that stuff. Everything I just named gets her fired up. She grew up with a Hog-lovin’ dad so she had a pretty good head start when we got married, but now she loves it. We’re OSU and Steeler fans, by the way. We bleed it. It’s not changing. On Saturdays and Sundays we love to sit and eat chili and watch the game. She gets loud. When we’re not watching a game, we’ll throw a football...yeah, she throws a football. Here’s the thing; if I’m being honest, it’s not just that she loves football. Yeah I mean it’s awesome that she loves it, but I think the real reason this is so cool is that she really loves it because I love it. Don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t like it she would still be a fan. But sometimes I get the feeling that the enjoyment she gets out of football is more of a selfless enjoyment. She loves loving it because I love it. And I think she loves doing that for me. I know that sounds odd, but I don’t know if I can really explain it any better. I love spending time with Kelli, whether its watching football, or anything else. I love her.

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It's not easy watching someone convert from Cardinal Red to Let's Go Hunting or Work on the Highway Orange...It's really tough!!!! LOL