a dude date...

since we didn't end up getting the oil changed this weekend, lane and the boys planned on getting it done while i had my HS girls' small group at the house. he told canon that they were going on a "dude date". canon wanted me to go and i told him i couldn't come because i was a dudette!

they ended up killing 1.5 hours wandering around walmart while they waited. i gave them a list of 4 of the most random things. i should've known better sending lane to the store by himself at dinner time...he came home with a watermelon, a mango and a bag of kid jelly beans. he's the king of impulse buys!

i'm so glad they got to spend some time together. the boy's eat up his time!! he said they were perfect and loved walking around the store like big boys (hence the jelly beans!). can you tell who makes them ride in buggies to get in and out as quick as possible?!


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

As far as impulse buys, It must be that way with all husbands! My husband is that way and so is my dad! :) At least they're willing to go at all!

anxiously hopeful said...

That picture with the hats is priceless!