backyard picnic...

we have been loving us some springtime weather!! for as much as i love the winter and snow, i can't seem to get enough sunshine. neither can my boys! canon waited very (un)patiently this morning to go outside while the it warmed up a bit and ledger took his nap. he asked five million times "outside?"...over and over and over.

they love just running around and exploring and visiting with the neighbor's dogs. we talked about every animal under the sun. we talked about the sun. we talked about nature. we talked about the different colors in nature. we listened to the sounds of birds and sirens. i love how much they love to learn. they just soak up everything we tell them!
(notice the haus stealing bites off his brother's plate)
after awhile, canon said he was ready to eat so i asked him if he wanted to eat his lunch outside. of course, he did. BAD IDEA. after making them lunch and fetching the big picnic blanket, i had high hopes that they'd just sit there and eat while we talked. nope. ledger enjoyed his freedom and did not want to sit. canon ate for a few minutes before asking over and over to get up and play. oh well, maybe next year.
while canon indulged in his peanuty goodness sandwich, ledger enjoyed a soy butter and jelly sandwich. no allergic reactions and it tastes just like pb! this makes me so happy for a quick, easy lunch.
tomorrow is another sunny day that will involve outside play. it just feels so wonderful after being couped up inside for a couple months. i'm loving laying on my sun-lounger thing while the boys play. i even got a little pink from the 2 days (the boys were wearing long-sleeves). LOVE that both boys are mobile and get around the yard without assistance. also, loving how much outside wears them out and how great naptime/bedtime have been. until next time... :)

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