our staycation...

we have had an amazing weekend just the two of us! BOTH of our boys went to muskogee for the first time yesterday. i've been with the at least one of the boys every single night for the past 15 months...crazy. lane's parents were gracious to watch the boys last night and then my mom had them this afternoon and evening. i know my boys loved every minute!

these are our "excited to have some time to ourselves" faces...
when we got back from muskogee, we cleaned up the house and got dressed for the evening...and took some self portraits. in fact, there will be alot of self portraits in this post!! lane LOVES to try new places. there are so many neat places around our town, but when we go out (usually with family), we stick to one strip of chain restaurants. we made a rule that when it's just the 2 of us, we would try something new or different that wouldn't be great for our kids. we ended up at an irish pub, kilkenny's. it was so quaint and cozy...and had an AMAZING ribeye. i rated it the most phenomal, low-to-moderate priced steak around. seriously.
we got to see the stage production of my most favorite disney classic ever, beauty and the beast!! it was so much fun. something about being at the theater is magical. and it makes for great people watching! they did an awesome job. they pretty much stuck to the movie script, but added in some comedic lines, too. and of course, the music was great. i LOVE the songs! it was a fun date.


i was SO looking forward to sleeping in, but my internal clock had other plans. i woke at the exact time i always do with the boys and couldn't fall back to sleep. lane on the other hand slept until 10:30! we got ready and went to breakfast at mimi's cafe. it's one of my favorite breakfast spots. {sidenote fact about me: i LOVE going out to breakfast!} i had quiche and lane had an omelette :)
we then went to see "the adjustment bureau"!! matt damon is our favorite actor! in fact, lane has a serious man crush on him. it was such a great love story and fantastic, imaginative movie. i want to own it!

we had serious plans to be productive and go to wal-mart and get the oil changed/tires rotated and do the big first of the month grocery trip, but as soon as the movie let out, we got a big case of the sleepies and went home and laid on the couch all afternoon instead! there's always tomorrow.

this evening, we met friends at dave and buster's for dinner. always love getting together with this crew. i like to play arcade games, but lane loves them! everyone had left except our friend shanna and us. so while lane flew helicopters and shot deer, shanna and i played "deal or no deal". it was amazing! we picked THE case then took turns choosing cases. we joked about having awful luck. then, it happened. our case was the second highest valued case. we won 100 tickets!! you would've thought we won $100!

we then decided to go play "wheel of fortune". the game started and we landed on the super skinny 200 slot, picked a letter that gave us 2, spun again, landed on 200 AGAIN, got 400 more points, spun and solved. we ended up with 812 tickets that game. it took a few minutes for the machine to spit them all out!! it was so fun. total, we had 1,040 tickets. we felt so ghetto shopping in the little store! i ended up getting the boys a super ball, a foam football, and a mini-frisbee...random!

shanna took all these pics. the one with both of us is too dark :(
now we are home and our boys are sleeping soundly in the next room. they welcomed us home with big smiles and hugs. they're the best! it's crazy how much we missed them in 30 short hours, but it was so refreshing spending time together alone.

these are our "it was a great weekend" faces...


aanna said...

That sounds like the most amazing weekend! What a great idea. Logan and I saw The Adjustment Bureau yesterday and I agree exactly with everything you said about it. Also, I love how your earrings matched Lane's tie in your dress up picture. :)

kyle and megan said...

how much fun!! glad you had a great weekend!

welcome2myfrontporch said...

So glad you were able to enjoy your weekend together alone! We are about to head out for our first vacation (a second honeymoon) without the children. I'm nervous to leave them and leave the country, but excited to have a full week with my man and eat a hot meal 3 times a day! ;)

Kyndal said...

What an awesome "just the two of us" weekend for you and your hubby! I saw "Beauty and the Beast" many moons ago and loved it, too. I'll definitely have to add "Adjustment Bureau" to our list of must-see movies!