our spring break...

every year during spring break, lane and our youth group go on a service trip to chicago's cabrini green to serve a church in the neighborhood and a kid's after school program. it's one of his very favorite things in the world!

while daddy's gone, the boys and i load up for a week in muskogee. it's such a fun relaxing time. and of course, the boys eat up the attention!

saturday, was a marathon day of shopping back in tulsa. we spent the majority of the day at the mall (ok...really at gap!) getting canon set for summer clothes and both boys with shoes. it took me back to the day when my mom would make us spend hours trying on clothes at dillard's for the next year. when we were leaving canon wanted to ride the horse so of course gram couldn't say no. as soon as it started, he screamed...the whole time! he's ridden it before and loved it. no idea, but the kind man gave us a "vip" pass to try again!

sunday, i got to go with my mom to my home church. it's always nice to go back and see faces from my past! my best friend's mom even was in the nursery with the boys! charlie's chicken is a must when we are in town and if we go to the one with the buffet, the boys eat free. they love it and each ate a whole plate of all kinds of thanksgiving food. after the boys' naps, we headed over to oomah and pop's house to play. the boys had a blast and we got to eat pizza (i can't get enough these days!). i ran to the store to get a few things for the week and came back to them playing in the closed garage since it was chilly out. they had the best time hitting a hanging tennis ball, playing basketball while pops commentated, rolling on the ground, and playing with the dog. they were NASTY by the time we left! aunt lala was there when we got back to my mom's and was kind enough to give them a bath.

monday, was a lazy, COLD day. it also was the start of underwear wearing for canon. he did great with only one accident right at lunch, woke up dry from nap, stayed dry until 30 minutes before bed, and proceeded to have 3 accidents. aunt clo made the boys smoothies that they LOVED! we anxiously looked forward to the bachelor finale that night, and much to our surprise, he picked emily! they never pick who we want!! #teamemily
tuesday, we had planned to have a sister (plus my 2 sidekicks) lunch at our favorite thing about muskogee, harmony house. canon stayed dry all morning. i was nervous about getting out, but decided to put a pull up on over his underwear to make it a bit less stressful on myself! i made him go right before we left, and try again as soon as we got to the restaurant. big mistake. my son is terrified of the big potty. he wouldn't sit on it so i tried holding him over it. nope. after we ate, he said lauren could take him. they were in there 5 minutes, but no luck. i wanted to go run around with the girls, but we headed home to our trusty frog potty since he was still dry. the boys had a haircut scheduled that afternoon and i got smart and brought the potty along. after they were good boys during their cuts and got suckers, i figured i'd try to make him go. he still hadn't had any accidents this day. i sat him on the potty (in the parking lot) and nothing. my mom wanted us to come by her office down the road so while clo and ledger went in, canon tried again. success! i guess we'll have to buy a potty for the car! during dinner that night, he stopped eating and stared at me. instantly knew he had an urge! we went out to the parking lot, he did his business, and we went back to dinner. he had no accidents that day!! i was so proud and thought after the 2 good days we had had that we were on our way...
then wednesday morning happened. 7 accidents before lunch!! so frustrating. i may or may not have treated myself to harmony house for the second day in a row to make up for it! my mom and sisters were headed to dallas that afternoon for a few days so i got us all packed up and headed over to steve and dawn's. it was so nice out. the boys played outside forever, painted a cute craft, steve made burgers for me, they got me hooked on american idol, etc. it just felt like a wonderful, relaxing summer night. ledger got a little excited about the cul de sac puddle and indulged...quite a bit. canon on the other hand wouldn't as much put a toe in the water. so funny how different they are!
thursday, we headed back home along with steve and dawn so they could play with all the grandkids while amy and drew went on a date. i got to go out shopping alone for a couple hours, too! it's so fun watching the boys and ella play. they love each other so much. oh, and canon had 2 accidents this day.

friday was the day we had been looking forward to for a week! lane was supposed to be home that evening, and we were all very excited!! i had designated that day for switching out clothes, washing the clothes ledger would be wearing from canon, and finishing up getting what they needed with gap's friends and family discount. let's just say i'm thankful we have 3 baby gaps in town to insure we get the sizes we need. and we visited them all :) i told canon we could eat dinner at the mall. if you ask him what his favorite store is, he'll reply "mall." the mall itself is a store to him. and if you ask him what he likes to eat there his answer is sonic. everytime. as if we don't eat grilled cheeses enough from regular 'ol sonics. we were all very happy to see our daddy that night!! little did we know what the next few days would hold...nothing says "welcome back to reality, lane" like cleaning up puke!


Brad and Elizabeth said...

When you said (int he parking lot) I was thinking a potty inside the van that is parked in a parking lot, but this is way better. You are serious about potty training!! That picture of Canon sitting on his frog potty on the pavement just cracked me up!

Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Good to know there's another Bachelor fan out there. I was rooting for Emily too! Yay! I always say that I'm not going to watch, but I get sucked in. Every time.

Also, how do you get your pictures side by side? I just can't figure it out. :)

Anonymous said...

He's gonna look awfully funny carrying that frog potty to school! LOL Could be a bullying target! LOL