michael scott...

i remember the first time lane made me watch an episode of the office. it was the fourth of july, 10 days after we had gotten married. i remember that it was raining outside and that i was cutting strawberries while sitting on the loveseat. i'm pretty sure we had only watched 10 minutes before i got bored and went to the kitchen.

fast forward 11 months. he showed me the first episode again and i fell in love. we watched the first season in a night. maybe after living with lane for almost a year at that point i could appreciate michael scott humor easier :)

i look forward to the show each week days in advance. i love being able to laugh and feel the akwardness of situations along with the characters! the stories lines are great. the love stories are even better. tonight, was one of those monumental episodes. michael scott proposing and announcing his leaving the company. it was perfect and i cried.

as weird as it will be to not have him on the show next year, will ferrell will be an entertaining replacement, at least for several episodes. he does an incredible job at akward as well. so looking forward to the rest of this season!


Morgan Nicole said...

Kel, I was the same way with the office. First few times=bored. Then, I watched it from season 1, episode 1 and fell in love! I don't have cable, so I haven't seen last nights but I heard it's great and I can't wait to watch it online!! See you TONIGHT! :)

Jillian said...

He will be so missed!!