sweet sunday...

we've had a lovely sunday. sunday mornings are always crazy for me. i feel like i wake up early, yet still rush around...and end up late. this morning, lane opened the door to leave and said "great, we've been post-it noted." didn't register what that meant until i looked out my front door and saw this...
this picture doesn't do it justice. my van on the other side had way more post-its on it...tires, bumpers, sides, windows, handles...you name it. about 15 minutes after he went out, he came back in to tell me that he'd just finished his and didn't have time to do mine, too. after feeding and dressing the boys, i bundled up and went out...in the 35* cold. i was out there for 20-25 minutes picking them off my car and cleaning up my neighbor's yard. needless to say, we didn't get to church until 9:40. sigh. we totally weren't mad. it was funny. haha. creative. haven't thought of post-its. i guess it just goes along with lane's job title!!

our boys were unusually chipper after church, and have been in great moods since! i snapped this picture of my cuties sporting their new target tops (i'm now into coordinating more than matching since ledger will more than likely being wearing what canon is currently. just didn't seem fair to the second child!) while waiting on daddy after church. easiest pic ever...i just put them in the chair and said smile and they did this all on their own...

aren't they the sweetest?!

when we go places now, especially when i have the backpacks' with us, i let both boys walk. ledger's always in the middle and they willingly hold hands to make a "train". it's pretty stinking cute how big they feel! love my 3 boys...
i usually (like 93% of the time) take a nap on sunday afternoons, but since we skipped on WM yesterday to be lazy, i figured i'd take advantage of the boys' nap. my plan was to get the oil changed and do my grocery shopping while i waited. it never goes as i planned! the wait for an oil change was 2-3 hours so i decided against it. lane and the boys are going on a "dude date" to do it tomorrow night! WM on sundays are crazy...it took me forever, but it was nice shopping by myself.

on another note, my newest thing: reusable shopping bags. plastic sacks from my weekly shopping trips have forever taken over my laundry room, but i just can't bring myself to throw them away. so i've always taken them back to the big recycle box right inside the door at WM. i'm not a huge green person, but this is my one contribution to the earth i guess :) tj maxx has these HUGE, super cute bags for .99 cents. hobby lobby also has cute ones, too! i still end up with 2-3 plastic bags each trip, but we use them for the little trash can or nasty diapers and such!
the boys woke up ready to play. lane was taking the trash out so the boys wanted to go out on the porch. they played for a few minutes...in their socks. i didn't even freak out! <--growth!! they both love to rip stick with their daddy!
doesn't this little ham crack you up?!
i LOVE spending my days with these guys!

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Brad and Elizabeth said...

the boys look so stinkin cute in their coordinating shirts!!