canon's happies...

canon has received some more happies this week! his class from school sent him a goodie bag and a cute card where they all signed their names with their fingerprints. he kept wanting me to tell him who each thumbprint was!
he also received a get well soon card from his sunday school teacher, mrs. vicki. he LOVED looking at it! he also enjoyed the sticker she put on it :)
last night, the boys and i met my mom for dinner then browsed target for awhile. gram told canon he could pick out a toy. he chose a cool buzz lightyear dart gun! it's been a source of tension between all three males in our house today. guess they each need one!
canon has had a tough recovery week. he's not sleeping great, not eating, very fussy, and just having some pain. they told us days 3-5 post-op would be toughest and today is 5. they also warned us that he would have bad breath for a couple of weeks. bad breath is an understatement. smells like something climbed up his nose and died in there! i'm hoping the next couple of days he gets back to his normal, happy self! (also, his bruise is at that nasty, yellow phase...looks awful!)


Brian said...

so...you are saying he's not at his cutest right now?

Jillian said...

That first picture of him is hilarious!!

Margo Jean Stewart said...

So glad Canon is feeling well post-op. What a sweet teacher to organize all of those treats.

And, oh, that poor little forehead of his. It makes my head hurt just looking at it.