my first sports award...

i will honestly admit that i have not one athletic bone in my body. i like to pretend i do and wear vibram five fingers and cute nike running shorts, but that's about as far as it goes! i never played organized sports growing up. at 6 years old, i was signed up to play softball. i went to the first practice, and i guess it went ok. second practice rolls around, and i insist (really just throw a tantrum) i want my mom to come, too. she obliges. i'm with my dad in his car, backing out of the driveway first. next comes my mom...and she runs over our dog. we watch the whole thing. it was really traumatic. i can still vividly remember what steifel von porsche looked like on the driveway. never went back to softball!

all that to say, i enjoy watching sports. especially, the past few years since i have learned rules and such! even i can appreciate the beauty of march madness. each year, i fill out a bracket going on gut instinct, mascots, or colors alone. each year, i fall behind pretty quickly!

a few weeks ago, lane's parents decided to do a family pool for a bit of cash. there was a prize for most wins and for picking the championship winner. we all submitted our picks online and it was fun watching the leader board the first two weekends. surprisingly, the girls led for the most of it. lane's was awful from the get go. he started cheering for the upsets. i kept telling him he needed to support my bracket so i could go buy an easter dress for "free". he said we all know that i'll buy one regardless...good point! i was in the lead by the end of the second weekend. i ended up with 40 wins with a 4-way tie for second with 34 wins! once everyone's picks were knocked out of the final four, we picked a new winner from the remaining 4.

last night, lane's family all met up in tulsa for his brother, drew's birthday. we grilled steaks and watched the game. we also had yummy snowflake cake from merritt's...i have had too many tasty treats from there in the past 3 days! dawn presented drew and i with our trophies and prizes after the game. i don't think anyone knew just how excited i really was inside!! doesn't take much for this girl...and i got a new dress :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Gator picked UConn in our pool and won $234...Me? Over the second weekend.

Jillian said...

How do you like your vibram shoes? I'm thinking about getting a pair!