lauren's shower...

this weekend was finally lauren's personal shower! it was so much fun planning and turned out really cute!! last week, was spent working on my huge spring cleaning list and running errands every day for the shower. i told lane it never takes me this long to clean and get organized. he said that it always does before i throw a party! thankfully, everything got done in time :)

it's very obvious that she is OBSESSED with zebra. when i saw the cute pink and zebra themed plates at hobby lobby, i knew that was it! it was so fun decorating girly. can you tell i LOVE tulle??
we had chicken salad on croissants, pasta salad, meatballs, mini quiches', spinach and artichoke dip, red pepper and onion dip, chocolate covered strawberries (drizzles with white chocolate to look like zebras!), and the CUTEST cupcakes ever from my favorite bakery. we, also, had strawberry-limeade punch and sweet tea!
we played an ongoing game during the shower where you start with 3 clothes pins. you weren't allowed to say "kyle", "sexy", or "honeymoon". if someone heard you say one of these, they could take a clothes pin. whoever had the most at the end, won a little prize.

earlier in the week, i sent kyle a list of questions to answer on video. he and his roommate got creative! it was so funny. lane made a dvd of his answers to show at the shower. i asked lauren a question from the list and then played kyles answers. everyone seemed to enjoy getting to know kyle this way! it was fun. they know each other pretty well!
she got so many outfits...most practical, but very cute at the same time! we took lots of pictures and everyone snagged a sachet for their favor! LOVED having this shower for my sister and seeing my family. She has a second shower this weekend in witchita that we'll be going to. i LOVE this part of the wedding process! Also, shout out to her friends and bridesmaids, elizabeth and jane, for helping me plan and get ready before the shower :)
lane and the boys came home when it was safe. my arkansas family enjoyed getting to see them for a bit. i wish we could see them more often! we tried to get a picture of the boys with my cousin's baby, ben. he was so sweet and good during the shower! i've come to not stress when my boys won't participate in posing for pics!!
we also had our annual day of serving with our church yesterday where we go into the neighborhood (which we also live in) that our church had adopted to do yardwork for those who need help. while i was driving to different projects, i had such a renewed love for our church and my neighborhood. needless to say, we were all beyond exhaustion yesterday afternoon and were worth nothing the rest of the day!!


lyndi said...

SO FUN! I cannot wait for mine! We are doing my bachelorette party and personal shower that same day/evening. My first shower is this coming weekend and I am so excited!! Such a fun time!

Morgan Nicole said...

Kel, the table turned out great with the zebra fabric and pink tulle! Very cute!!

Lauren said...

I loved it!! Thanks for doing that for me!

Nancy said...

Oh, Kelli - it all looks DARLING! Thanks for taking pics and sharing them. The food looked fabulous!!! See you soon!