if there were only one way to my husband's heart, i would bet it would involve some kind of cold drink...smoothie, snow cone, popsicle, icee...you name it. the boy loves fruit and cold and puts the 2 together often. don't get me wrong...he appreciates coffee just as much as i do, if not more, but cold wins out over hot anyday!

he has passed his love for fruity, cold drinks on to his sons. they can often be found under his feet saying, "bite, please" or "drink, please". they have found mischievous ways to get their gram and aunt lala to but them icees at target and battled their long, dark eyelashes at aunt clo to make them a smoothie. they always win!

earlier this week, after eating a big dinner, lane suggested fruit smoothies for their "treat" (they ask for treats ALL the time!). he boxed them in with chairs in a corner and they went to work. canon enjoyed getting to push the buttons on the blender while ledger enjoyed his independence standing there. they both got to sample their creation right from the jar and enjoy a big 'ol glass of delight. i'm thankful for their dad who makes memories (and messes) with them regularly!!

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