prom and another shower...

we had a busy, busy weekend with lots of traveling! friday morning, the boys and i took off to muskogee for a few reasons...to drop them off with oomah and pops for the night (lane was taking the middle school youth group to dallas for a service project and a day at six flags), to help chloe get ready for her first dance that night, and to meet up with my mom to head to witchita for lauren's bridal shower.
i picked chloe up from school at noon, and dropped her off at the nail place to get a mani/pedi with her friend. while she got started, i ran the boys to lane's parents house and got them down for a nap and dropped their stuff off. when i got back to the nail salon, clo was just getting started on her manicure so i decided to get one, too. it was fun and a nice treat. her friend's mom does hair and was meeting us at mom's house at 2. we got home at 1:30 and quickly discovered that neither of us had a house key. we booked it all the way across town to my mom's office and raced back home. we pulled up exactly at 2! after chloe's hair was done, i started on her make-up. man, her eyes are tough to do. so funny how different our eyes are. she got dressed and looked beautiful!!
she was supposed to meet up with a large group at the park at 4:30. dylan, aka uncle pickle, was also going to be out there for his final prom so lane's parents brought the boys out to play so they could take pics of dylan. my boys love nothing more than running around outside! LOVE watching them play.
after dropping mom's van off and getting her stuff for the night, we hit the road about 6 for witchita. about 2 hours from our destination, the sun went down and the largest lightening show i've ever seen took stage. we knew we were headed toward a big storm, but we stopped to get my mom dinner and i hopped in the driver's seat to drive while she ate. my head was killing me and the lightening was not helping. all of sudden, it started raining and the wind picked up. at the same time that the wind was hitting us from both sides, an alert came on the radio saying there was a tornado warning in grant county. i started panicking since we had no idea which county we were in. thankfully, there was an exit right there with a gas station that we pulled into. we had lane and lauren on the phone trying to find out where we were and what the weather was doing. i reacted like i have never before. i couldn't control my foot it was shaking so bad. i was hysterical! i had just never felt wind on both sides before. it was taking them forever to find anything. we decided to get back on the road and just go slow when we knew the warning wasn't for where we were. for the next hour, it would rain so hard that we couldn't see then it would stop then it'd pick up again with hail. it was tense!

we FINALLY made it to the hotel about 10:30 and met/visited with some of kyle's family until midnight. i have such a hard time sleeping in hotels...especially when i forget a fan for noise. my mom and i both froze, but neither of us got up to adjust the air!

the next morning we were out of the door by 10. lauren was given such a nice shower. it was great meeting friends and family of the fisher's. we had the most delicious brunch food...a yummy casserole, deviled eggs with crab (sooooo good...they were warm!), fruit and muffins. they got lots of bakeware and baking tools. thank goodness, kyle likes to bake!

the 2nd pic is of kyle's mom, nanci, and my mom, laura, with the bride and groom.
the 3rd pic is of kyle's sweet, sweet sister, holly!
looking forward to being with them during the "wedding week"!
mom and i took off after the shower for home. we talked wedding the whole way. it's all the small details that need to be hammered out that make me wacky! thankfully, there's an end in sight.

i was so glad to see my babies. when we got there, dawn said ledger had been running fever off and on all day and wasn't himself. i was glad they didn't tell me because i would've worried and wouldn't have been able to do anything for him. they took good care of him! pretty sure my boys' would pick to live there if given the choice!

after the boys' went to bed, i worked on finishing tying tulle and bows on all the wedding bubbles. it's been an off and on project for the past month...so glad to be done. now, i'll be addressing invites over the next week and a half :)

since ledger had been running fever, i obviously wasn't able to go to church this morning. i was so looking forward to visiting boulevard, but whatchu gonna do? i ended up having the sweetest morning with my babies. canon and i went outside about 8:15 with a short breakfast break when ledge woke up at 9. we played outside until 10:45! it was very windy, but felt awesome. we had a little sunday school talk..."do you see a tree?" "god made the trees" "thank you, god, for the trees" and so forth! oomah and pops brought a pizza home and then the boys and i took naps. LOVE me some sunday afternoon naps!

we came home this evening. every 5 minutes on the drive home, canon would ask "my home?" he was excited to see his house. daddy should be home soon and we have a pretty normal week ahead...yay :)

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Kyndal said...

What a fun weekend with your sisters! You are all beautiful!