mother's day...

i had a sweet mother's day (may 8th). we went to church where my boys' made me precious cards. after church, lane usually drops me off to feed the boys' while he gets us lunch (or vice versa). that way i can lay them down before we eat so it's somewhat peaceful! on this day though, i got to go home by myself, watch whatever i wanted, put my pj's on. it was wonderful. lane and the boys' went to grab lunch and came home with a treat. i walked outside and was so surprised when i saw canon running across the yard carrying my favorite flowers, lilies! so thoughtful. while lane fed the boys', i enjoyed pei wei...then a nap.

that evening, we met my mom and sisters at texas roadhouse...yum. my mom and mamie had both given me a sweet card with some mother's day $! i felt so special the whole day. it was also nice not to have to lift a finger! my babies are such a blessing and a joy. i'm so thankful i get to be their mommy :)

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