canon's spring program...

i apologize for my camera quality. also, i so wish i would've thought to take some video on my camera or lane's iphone. canon had his school spring program on tuesday, may 10th. i had so been looking forward to this. there is nothing better (and funnier) than watching preschoolers preform!

a few weeks before his first-time stage performance, i had asked the director if she could burn me a copy of the songs he would be singing since he would be out a week due to his surgery. EVERYTIME.STINKING.TIME we got in the car, he would say, "my songs". i joked that ledger and i should get up on stage and sing with his class since we knew all the words and motions.
the morning arrived and his oomah, pops, aunt lala, aunt amy, and cousins, ella and hudson, came to watch him. when it was his class' turn to take the stage, it took them awhile to come out on stage. finally, they got them to come out by telling them to hold hands. canon took his friend "axson's" hand, found their place and never let go! i've never seen such fear on my child's face!

as soon as the music started, jaxson tried to let go so he could do the motions and canon was hanging on for dear life. for 4 of the 5 songs, there was a struggle to hold jaxson's hand. poor jaxson tried to put his hand's out of canon's reach by putting them behind his back, but then canon just held his arm! the last song, canon relaxed a bit and just picked his nose for the entire song. that's my boy!
we were literally in tears from laughing so hard! i apologized to jaxson's mom for my kid keeping her kid from doing his motions! canon loved school so much this year and is sad that's it over. his last day was last thursday and there have been a few times i've asked him, "guess what we are going to do today?" and he says, "school?" i know it's way more fun than doing errands with mom. he's such a sweet boy!

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