Baby update...

first off, thank you all so much for your sweet words about baby #3! i LOVED reading all your texts, tweets and facebook/blog comments. we are so looking forward to meeting this precious baby. god's timing has been and is so perfectly evident in our lives that we completely trust him with this baby (not to say i didn't freak out a bit at the beginning!).

i'm going to try to be better at documenting the pregnancy this time around. i was awful with ledger and didn't have the blog when I was pregnant with canon! it's amazing how I had forgotten how tired and nauseous you get in the beginning. I need some energy ASAP to survive this...and to blog...and keep up with my children...and keep my house running!

pregnancy highlights
can i just say how akward these pics are?! not really showing, just bloated looking :)
how far along: 10 weeks
size of baby: a small plum
total weigh gain/loss: no idea. i know i haven't lost any!
maternity clothes: still regular clothes. i'm hoping that i'll be able to stay in all my new, regular shorts through the summer with the help of a belly band.
gender: after much debate over waiting to find out on baby's birthday or finding out now, we've decided to find out as soon as we can...for practical reasons. if it's a girl, i can go ahead and sale all of our boy clothes and stuff! i'd totally wait if I had one of each, but I'm too much of a planner!
name: we have a boy name picked put and haven't told a soul! we have no girl name and can't agree on anything. we'd like to tell the baby's name when we spill the gender (unlike with the boys who were named at the hospital!)
movement: no...still waiting. i first felt ledger at 12 weeks so hopefully it won't be long!
sleep: still ready for bed by 8:30 every night, but make myself hold off until at least 10! This week I've started the dreaming. they're not crazy, weird dream as in the past, but still very vivid, long dreams full of people i know. i feel like i dream the same dream all night long. only averaging one or two bathroom trips during the night. score.
what i miss: a glass of red wine in the evenings. also, this week i've really noticed my waist being gone! with my sister's wedding coming up in 2 weeks, i'd love to have it back temporarily!
cravings: i'm not near as hungry as i was a few weeks ago. most of the time food doesn't sound good, but it helps my nausea if i eat. weird. however, i've been eating a salad everyday with ranch everyday. that's what sounds best. also, apples. i'm not much of an apple person, but i'm enjoying the crunch and coldness!
symptoms: nausea is back with a vengeance. i started thinking last week that it was subsiding, but over the weekend, it came back worse than ever. with the boys, it was mainly just in the afternoon, but now it's all day long. thankfully, i've only gotten sick twice. still tired. oh so tired. new symptoms include terrible acne and right sciatic nerve pain (had this with canon).
best moment of the week: finally spilling the beans and making it "facebook official". for some reason, it was easier keeping our secret to ourselves this time! we enjoyed just us and our family knowing. but we are so thankful for everyone's kind words!

since i couldn't post 8 weeks on here at the time, i'm going to copy it on so i have it for my records!
pregnancy highlights
how far along: 8 weeks
size of baby: a pinto bean (yum...i LOVE pinto beans!)
total weight gain/loss: started at 106 lbs
maternity clothes: nope
gender: we are trying to decide if we want to find out or not! i'm for waiting; lane wants to know.
name: just a boy name...all of a sudden, girl names are hard to me! we will wait to say what it is until we know the gender :)
movement: not yet, but it's my very favorite thing about pregnancy!
sleep: i've been tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. also, frequent bathroom trips...fun. i'm ready for bed by 8 every.single.night.
what i miss: a glass of red wine!
cravings: schlotzky's!!! i hadn't had it until this week, and i think i've had it 4x already!
symptoms: nausea pretty much all day, but seems worse in the morning and afternoon. of course, a million trips to the bathroom each day! so tired. i've also been FREEZING! our house stays on 77 during the day, and that's just because the boys get hot. however, lane says when he touches my skin, it's radiating heat! weird.
best moment of the week: going for our first doctor appointment! we got to see the baby and hear its sweet heartbeat :)


lyndi said...

awww... so fun! i can't wait to follow your blog. i know you will be an adorable prego!! :) congrats again to your little family!! so exciting!! :)

kyle and megan said...

i am so stealing this idea... hope you don't mind, lol! :)

These Are The Days said...

Bloated? Not even that. :) Found you over at Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. Your blog and family are super cute. Good luck w/ your pregnancy.