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Howdy! This is going to probably have lots of errors and not be my normal format, but that's ok. I hate doing posts from the iPad with the blogpress app...one reason why they've been few the past couple of months. I'm going to do the 13 week post then fill you in on what's been going this week with my pregnancy. We've had a bit of baby drama!

Pregnancy highlights

How far along: 13 weeks
Size of baby: a peach!
Total weight gain/loss: gained 2 lbs
Maternity clothes: none yet. My pants are still buttoning, but I'm sure a Bella band isn't too far away. I wish I had more sundresses/maxi dresses...those would be comfy!
Gender: due to our multiple ultrasounds, we have a pretty sure bet, but will confirm it at my next appointment on July 14th!
Name: yes, boy name. No, girl name.
Movement: not yet! Waiting not so patiently!
Sleep: in the past week, I haven't slept one night in my bed which is prob why I haven't slept one night through! We spent 4 nights in a hotel which is just awful sleep and now have been at the arctic...aka my mom's house! I am having fewer bathroom trips during the night.
What I miss: the "normal" pregnancy stuff I complained about before this past Sunday (more on this in a minute)!
Cravings: since being at my mom's, ballpark pickles! Really cold water. Mazzio's salad bar and ranch...yum.
Symptoms: energy level and nausea are slowly getting better. Since my last update, the sciatic pain got really bad, but thankfully sometime over the weekend it seems to be subsiding. Hello, second trimester...you are going to be great!
Best moment of the week: hearing and seeing that my sweet baby was fine!

This past weekend, my sister got married! It was the perfect weekend and went so great. I'll do a wedding post soon, I promise. After several busy days and late nights, I woke up sunday morning to pack up to head to my moms house. As I was packing, I started bleeding and cramping pretty heavily. We could not leave fast enough.

It continued throughout the day and night so I called my doctor's office Monday morning. They wanted me to come in just so we could check things out for peace of mind. I LOVE them! My mom was off of work so she was able to come with me (lane's at church camp this week), thankfully. They got me right in and performed an ultrasound. He immediately said the baby was fine after seeing it was moving around and had a great heartbeat...sweet music to my ears. He also said there was a lot going on in the picture. It appeared I was bleeding from the corner of the placenta. He could also see that a big clot had formed which was good. I'll continue to bleed the old blood more than likely, but as long as it's not fresh, it should be ok. He said you can lose up to 50% of the placenta and still have a healthy baby, but obviously we don't want to lose anymore as you start running into risks!

Essentially, there's nothing we can do, but wait and see what happens. He put me on moderate bedrest with no lifting anything over a few pounds until my next appointment (July 14th) and we can reevaluate. I had prepared myself for the worst and best, but this in between not knowing is really hard!

Besides the emotional toll its taking on me, I miss lane so much and not being able to carry the boys has been hard, also. They don't understand, bless their hearts. Ledger has a bunch of teeth coming in which has made him super fussy and clingy. I'm so thankful that we have been able to be with family this week. Everyone has been great to help with the boys. It's hard to retrain myself in not lifting them!

I'm so thankful to my creator for this precious life inside of me. We completely trust him with this baby. It's win-win no matter what happens....I get to hold this baby and love it for life or it will be complete in the arms of our father! Of course, I'm doing everything in my power to give this baby a chance! Please keep us in our prayers. I'm sure the next 3 weeks will get hard before it's easier. I'll need lots of patience and sanity!

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In this wonderful life... said...

saying prayers!

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Amy said...

I'll be praying for you Kelly! I can imagine how hard it is to not pick up those boys! I wish we were closer so we could help out!

Josh and Maggie said...

I've been praying and will continue to do so!

Kyndal said...

Praying for you and that sweet babe of yours!

Me Myself and Amy said...

Love ya! You know I am here for you!

Margo Jean Stewart said...

love y'all and praying for your sweet family. love, love, love your perspective on the whole situation.