Shellac nails...

Have you heard of shellac nails? If not, it's a kind of polish activated by uv light that resists chipping and dullness. They promise to last 2-3 weeks. It's amazing! I rarely get manicures...mainly because I either mess them up within the first hour or they have peeled away within the first 24 hours. My sister introduced me to this and I tried it last week for her wedding. I'm amazed at how great they still look a week later especially with how rough I am on my nails.

I so wish it was more economical. I'd even love to have the equipment to do it myself. Pretty nails are one of my simple pleasures in life that I rarely indulge in! Have you tried this?
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Margo Jean Stewart said...

Getting your nails done is such a fun treat. I've gotten mine done at Walmart a few times, believe it or not, and it only cost $12!

I'll have to find out who does "shellac nails" in town. Your hands look lovely!