still here...still on bedrest. the good news is no bleeding or major cramping so i'm taking that as a positive thing! it's been about a week and a half now and hasn't been too bad...on me. lane may something else...ha! i've had a couple days of feeling really crummy due to the antibiodics i was on and a super emotional day, but we've made it through them. lane's taken on soooo much just in the 5 days he's been home. i'm so thankful for him. i'm also thankful for our church family. our sweet friend has arranged meals for us during the week until my doctor's appointment. it takes such a burden off of us, especially lane!

this morning before lane left for work, the boys were already fussing at each other so he built them a fort on his way out. it has seriously entertained them for hours today. they go inside and play so nicely together!
tomorrow, aunt lala is flying in for the day...one of the perks of marrying an american airlines employee! she's going to help clean the house a bit and take the boys out of the house for a little bit! we can't wait to see her :)

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kyle and megan said...

thanks for the post!! i was wondering about you last night... hope you have a good visit with your sister! :)