16 weeks and a poll...

first off, we know what our baby is tonight! could you take 2 seconds and participate in our gender poll above? see it? click whether you think it's a boy or girl! also, come back tomorrow night to find out who we are adding to our family!

pregnancy highlights
how far along: 16 weeks
size of baby: avocado (i could go for some guac...yum!). baby is 4.5 inches. that blows my mind!
total weight gain/loss: +4
maternity clothes: none yet! although i live in pj pants or running shorts if we are just at home!
gender: we know! you will find out tomorrow :)
name: we have one of each, but you will know tomorrow. so sneaky, i know!
movement: none yet. i've been a crazy woman the past few weeks trying to feel the baby for reassurance. i know it's a bit early, but i felt ledger early on!
sleep: sleeping pretty good most nights. the vivid dreams have definitely kicked in, though!
what i miss: doing things for myself and picking up my babies! however, i'm so thankful for those who have taken care us the past few weeks! we are so blessed :)
cravings: salad (mazzio's, especially!) and cold water. sidenote: i have been so turned off to sweets...no idea why!
symptoms: still some nausea in the afternoon and awful ACNE. it's been nice to have some energy and motivation return, though!
best moment of the week: hands down, hearing today that my precious baby is ok! that heartbeat is the best sound ever :)

today was the long awaited doctor's appointment. the past 3.5 weeks have been dragging! above being excited to find out the gender, we more than anything wanted to hear that our baby was ok. we dropped the boys off at some sweet friends house and headed to the appointment. we LOVE our doctor, but it's not uncommon for us to have to wait 40 minutes before being called back. we usually have the last appointment of the day, too, so that doesn't speed things up! it was so nice to not to have to worry about entertaining the boys, though.

during our ultrasound, the doctor right away could tell that my clot was still there and the same size. he thought it had probably stabilized and wouldn't cause any more problems. next, he got real quiet and kept focusing on this white line looking thing. he said something about having an alien in there as he turned on the blood flow feature and it was a flat line. my heart dropped and i must've made a noise/face because he asked what that was for and i asked if there was a heartbeat. he said, "oh yeah. i'm sorry" and right away let me hear the baby's heartbeat. a flood of relief and a wonderful sound! after that i kept quiet while he prodded around trying to figure out what he was dealing with.

turns out i have 2 uterine adhesion type things. after 10 minutes of looking around, he was baffled because he couldn't tell if they were vascular or not so he's sending me to see a specialist. the only implications that we could tell would be wether or not i would have to have a c-section. tomorrow the specialist will call to schedule an appointment. i hate worrying from appointment to appointment! i don't know why my body is not being hospitable to my sweet baby! i'm just trusting the fact that "it" continues to grow and thrive despite the circumstances surrounding it.

thanks for praying for our family :)


kyle and megan said...

yay! how exciting! :)

Me Myself and Amy said...

Yeah for good doctors appointments!!! Can't wait to find out that my son is marrying your kid... so long as she is a she.... otherwise they can just be friends like their daddies!!!

Jillian said...

YAY for a good appointment and you are so flipping adorable!!

Jacob Epperson said...

I vote boy!