it's a (and the story)....

knox oliver.

come on...did you really think we were capable of producing a girl?! we are so thrilled with who god has chosen for us. looks like i'm officially a "boy mom"...assuming this is our last (lane says it is)! the majority of people have wished a girl for us since we already have 2 boys, but, honestly, from the start, we have said that we would love to have another boy. would we have LOVED a girl like crazy? yes. would lane have been an AMAZING dad to a girl? absolutely. would dressing a girl be the death of us? probably :) we just kept saying how convenient it would be to have another boy and how easy our boys have been for us thus far!

here's the story: at my 10.5 week appointment, my doctor spent a good 5 minutes looking at the sex of the baby on ultrasound. because of some angle theory, he said he was 93% sure it was a girl! i gotta be honest...i panicked when we got in the car. i started crying and hyperventilating! for some reason, both of us had a feeling it was a girl leading up to the ultrasound. i was terrified at the thought of raising a girl! lane kept saying for days, over and over, that we didn't know if it was a girl for sure and to quit worrying. i did get used to the idea and ended up spending quite a few hours on etsy browsing bows and smocked dresses!

i went in at 12.5 weeks for the bleeding and was right off the bat reassured that the baby was fine! while he was doing the ultrasound, he mentioned that he was a boy. i asked if he was sure since he had told me 2 weeks ago that it was a girl. he said that it was definitely a boy and showed us our baby spread eagle and proud! i instantly started smiling and had a peace! it was like my soul knew i was supposed to be having a boy. since lane was at camp, i called him when i got in the car from my appointment. as soon as i heard his voice, i started crying and i said, "first off, it's a knox oliver, not a girl!" lane kept saying over and over, "no way" and "i told you so".

needless to say, we are so thankful for god's complete hand in this pregnancy and for giving us what he sees fit. my big boys will be the best big brothers. when i see lane and his brothers (who are all super close in age) relationship, i smile. i want my boys to be the very best of friends!

now for the name story: as you all know, we have been terrible at naming boys in the past. we had girl names we liked, but could never agree on a boy name. our kids seriously were named either on the way to the hospital or in the delivery room.

with ledger, i loved the name knox and lane loved the name oliver, but we were quick to veto the other's choice (think ross and rachel season 8...one of my fav episodes)! fast forward post-ledger, i'm odd and start thinking about babies and names a couple of months after i have a baby (maybe newborn withdraw? who knows!). i remember exactly where i was driving when "knox oliver" hit me, with my 2 month old in the backseat...ha! i told lane later that night and he said he liked it. from that point on, it became our boy name. we haven't told a soul all this time since we know how hard boy names are for us!

we, thankfully, don't know anyone personally with either name so that's a plus! i know of a couple from blogs and, of course, brad pitt's little boy. which is one reason we wanted to find out the sex. we know so many people due from now-december that we wanted to "claim" a name...ha! we feel like knox fits are name "style" well...canon, ledger and knox. the boys already know his name (for a few weeks now!) and refer to him as "knox" or "ollie" which i'm sure will become his nickname! they managed to only spill the beans of his name to one person.

anyways, that's the story of our sweet boy! this is long enough. bless you for making it to the end :)


Brad and Elizabeth said...

I totally thought it was going to be a girl! But you have made such beautiful boys so I know Know will be just a precious!! I love the name choice and Ollie is such a cute nickname!! So excited for you guys!!!

kyle and megan said...

woohoo!! knox & creed can be friends!! :)

Josh and Maggie said...

Congratulations!!! So happy for you...I wasn't right on my guess, but you are a great boy mom for sure!

Andrea Ediger said...

Congrats !  I was the same way - I was ready for a third boy (after all I had some boy experience at that point!) but the Lord saw fit to send Emerie Jayne our way & I wouldn't trade her & her big emotional dramatic passionate loving self.  & I wouldn't trade Si & Micah for absolutely anyone else...  The Lord just knows what he's doin' for us all :). So excited for all of you!

Kyndal said...

Hooray! So happy for you to be a "boy mom", and I LOVE his name! I can't tell you how many people are currently "wishing" us a girl for when we (God willing) have another child, and secretly I feel the same way as you. Raising boys has been SO much more fun than I ever would have dreamed it would be!
Praising God that you and Knox are a healthy mommy and baby!

Margo Jean Stewart said...

YAY! I really thought baby moss would be a boy. Love the name!

I know what you mean about being scared about a girl. I wake up some days and think, "woah, we're having a girl." Ha ha.

Kelli, you are such a great momma :)

Jillian said...

YAY for another boy!! I will have all girls, you will have all boys:) We should marry them off to each other!!