a couple of hunks...

the boys love climbing on our coffee table or just sitting on it to watch cartoons. i always had a decorated coffee table until mr. canon hit the cruising stage. his favorite game then became clearing it as fast as he could each day. after picking it up a million times, i finally just removed the temptation and saved my sanity by not putting anything on it.

yesterday, they got up on the table and sang and danced their sweet little hearts out. they made me smile with how kind and loving they were being towards each other. i, also, got a kick out of their different physiques! not only are their personalities completely different, but these bodies are night and day. unfortunately, canon inherited my scrawny legs. if i ask him who has chicken legs, he says, "me and mom!"
i love these boys so much!

update: i realize that in the last 2 posts my boys have been sporting the "diaper only" look! since we can't go anywhere during the day, they've been taking their jammies off mid-morning. i really don't like making unnecessary laundry, especially when it's so hot out!! my boys' motto has always been "naked is best"!