harry potter...

said in my awful british accent.

last summer, a friend got lane started reading the harry potter series. after years of resisting and actually saying how much i knew i would hate them, i, too, gave in and started reading them. they were so good and we couldn't get enough. we decided that we didn't want to watch any of the movies until we had finished the books so they wouldn't influence our imaginations (ha...we sound like big nerds!). over christmas, we had a marathon and knocked the first 6 out in a week. we have been much anticipating this last movie...our first to see in a theater!

this morning, my mom and chloe came up so chloe could go with us and mom could take the boys to their happy place...the mall! that's all they could talk about this morning. the movie didn't disappoint and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It even made me want to re-read the series!

also, thank you all so much for your kind words about our sweet, knox oliver! i'll have a "gender reveal party" post up soon!

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