playdate with aunt lala...

last week my sister was supposed to fly in for a day, but because she flies stand-by, the flight filled up and she was unable to come. fast forward, she was able to fly in late last night and surprise the boys when they woke up this morning. since i'm unable to get out and about by myself with the boys, they haven't been hardly anywhere over the past couple of weeks. she planned a fun day at the mall with them...canon's favorite place! she took my camera to document their day.

this may be my most favorite picture of canon ever.
lauren gave canon a build-a-bear gift certificate for being in her wedding. he had never been there before so they thought it would be fun to make it together! he named it nemo...like the fish.
next, they headed to the carousal. my kids have a love-hate relationship with this thing. you never know how they will react. surprisingly, this time canon loved it and ledger was a bit spooked. the sweet man gave him a ticket to try again sometime!
they grabbed lunch at none other than the food court sonic and had the usual grilled cheese and apple slices. this picture cracks me up...do you think she wore them out?!
she left for the airport around 2, but not before she scrubbed my bathroom! that's the one thing in my house that's been driving me crazy. the boys took long naps. in fact, i had to wake them up at 5. i'm so thankful that lauren has a husband that works for an airline that allows them to fly free!! what a fun few hours we had with her :) come play again, aunt lala!

also wanted to document that today it seems like canon's speech has taken off. he is talking non-stop...in sentences...pretty clearly! it's so encouraging to notice this as we are with him everyday and that makes it hard to notice progress. i wish we would've clipped his tongue sooner, but am so proud at how hard he works at talking!!

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C R said...

Way to go Aunt Lala!