4th of july weekend...

we went to muskogee this past weekend to spend time with family and give lane a break!! it was such a fun, relaxing time. for days, canon had talked about swimming at pop's house with uncle tyler. he said he only wanted tyler to swim with him! we spent hours outside saturday and sunday. the big boys played on a tarp slip and slide while the girls sat in front a mister fan! my kids preferred playing in the buff! good thing they're cute!
on monday, we headed over to my mom's house. canon and ledger got to help make our dessert. this was ledger's first time to bake! we had a delicious "4th of julyish" meal.
around 7:30, we headed to the park where we went last year to watch fireworks. it's a pretty perfect spot since it sits high and you have a 360* view. the boys played on the playground for awhile and had a ball! i know i always say this, but it's true...they would live outside if we let them.
the boys both LOVED the fireworks this year. anytime they heard a boom over the weekend, they'd say "firework". i'm sure if we were really close to them, there would be a bit more hesitation!
happy belated 4th!!

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Jillian said...

Your boys are so cute!! Looks like you had a great day!! Hope you are doing well!