canon at 38 months...

i've been terrible on updating what the boys are up to this year! i'm going to try to do an in-depth update on each one for myself :) so bizarre i have a 3 year old now! i've seen on several blogs lately people interviewing their kids. now that canon's speech has taken off, i thought it'd be fun to do with him! i'm anxious to do this again down the road and see how his answers change. i'm also going to lace this post with my favorite pics of him...i'm feeling sentimental today!

what is your name? canon
what is your whole name? canon dad (his middle name is lane so he always says dad in place of lane!)
canon dad? what's your last name? dad moss
how old are you? (shows me 3 on his fingers)
how old is that? (shouts) free!
three?! that's old! what's your favorite number? (expecting him to say 5) oh, i know, one.
what is your favorite color? pink. no, i ike white.
white? i didn't know that. yeah.
who is your best friend? umm...mommy (with a sweet grin)!
what are your brothers' names? knox. ollie.
yes, you're right, but you have another brother. oh, gedgie.
l-l-ledgie. ledger
good, canon. what's your favorite animal? duck
what does a duck say? whack-whack
what do you want to be when you grow-up? (thinking)
when your big like daddy, what do you want to be? iron man!!
iron man? he's cool! what's your favorite movie? (answered super fast) mean movie.
what mean movie do you like? mean movie. (he's into bad guys, right now...great)
oh, i wasn't expecting that! what makes you happy? funny.
what makes you sad? mean
what's you favorite food? (getting silly and restless now) CHICKEN!!
what's your favorite song? (pointing to the sky, making circles) world.
"tell the world" (hillsong)? yes.
who do you sing that with? daddy.
what do you like to play? ball. oh, soccer!! ledgie ike baskeball (no t).
you're right...he does. where do you like to go? (expecting mall) POP'S HOUSE!!!
you do?! oh, yep!
what do you like to do with daddy? wii. no, dake (skateboard).
where do you like to skate? at -urch. in da gym.
what do you like to do with mommy? i need you. (that's what he says when he wants me to hold him or sit with him. i'm ok with that!)
what do you like to with ledger? -ase (chase)! i ike gedgie to get me.
you're silly! i like that you like your brother. yeah (with a big 'ol smile!)
ok...we're all done! no...more.
more questions? yeah.
who are your favorite superheroes? ummm...supeman (no r), batman...(thinking)
iron man? no, iron man no cape. i iron man.
oh, yeah. i forgot. sorry! sorry, mom!
you're cute! i funny.
you are. i love you. yeah (got up to come kiss me).

personality: canon's personality and disposition are pretty evident these days. he has the sweetest, biggest heart. he loves so much (even though he says he only loves one person at a time. i'm in his good graces right now. if you were to tell him you loved him, he would say, "no, mom."). he has a soft heart and easy to correct. he is still a bit ocd, but task-oriented would probably be a more appropriate term. it really shows itself in tidyness. if he knows where something goes and sees it out of place, he goes out of his way to put whatever up properly. he also loves to be given any type of job and is great to see it through. he is social and loves being out and about or around people. he is funny. he is a quick-learner. he is just a really easy kid to be around.
brotherly love: most days my boys enjoy each other and are great friends, but between ledger's crabiness for the first hour he's awake and canon's lack of boundaries with peoples personal space, he knows just how to pester his brother. he lays on him and will not move even though ledger's grunting and moaning and crying. it drives me bananas. or he takes ledger's beloved blanket and just lays on top of it until i make him move. all the while ledger's carrying on! however, i'm so thankful that the majority of the time they just play and laugh together. pretty sure canon's life mission is to make ledger laugh, and he succeeds! ledger copies everything canon does which canon loves. canon, also, takes it on himself to father baby bro. he helps him take off his shoes when we get home. he always goes to find ledger's blankie when he's crying. he kisses his head ALL.THE.TIME! he, also, takes it on himself to discipline ledger. he gives the what for and tells him no when ledger's doing something canon knows is against the rules! needless to say, they are great buddies and i'm thankful for that!
discipline: thank the lord, this boy has a soft heart. he has made it so much easier on us! canon obeys really well (our second child is the hard one!). with him, we have found a few things work. we have always demanded eye contact when we are talking/discipling him. i feel like when he's looking at us, he really hears us. of course, we have had a few times where he's rolled his eyes away or intentionally avoided our eyes just to test the boundaries, but thankfully, that's rare. if he's just over-emotional (which come to think about it, is also a part of his personality...heaven help us!), a lot of times we'll just send him to his room to cry it out and then he can re-join us and he's usually back to himself. if it's something he needs to be spanked for, we take him to his room and talk to him first then proceed to dicipline and love on him. lately (as in the last month), we've found that taking privileges away has worked wonderfully. we've only had to do this a few times, but we let him know what was expected and what he wouldn't be able to do if he disobeyed. so far, it's been great. it's made bedtime so much better. when he obeys, we praise the heck out of him the next morning. overall, in most instances, just a talking to does the trick. now if anyone has any advice for the strong-willed, head-strong second child, i'm open to suggestions...ha :)
eating habits: first off, this boy is the cleanest eater. rarely, do i have to wipe his mouth when he's finished. he always wants to wear a bib. he uses his silverware great. he eats literally anything we give him (with the exception of crust and peel...ha. i still cut my crust off of sandwiches so i may have influenced this). he loves dip...of any kind. if he doesn't want to try something, we give him dip and he eats it. he eats 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks thrown in. he drinks a total of 2 sippy cups of milk throughout the day with water in between. he's easy to take out to restaurants.
favorite foods: fruit.fruit.fruit. chicken. mac-n-cheese. beans of any kind. bread. yogurt. broccoli. oatmeal. cereal. pancakes. "nacks" (any kind of packaged crunchie). popsicles. cake.
sleeping habits: he used to be the intense sleeper, but since the dead gum time change back in november, he's decided he doesn't need as much sleep which is fine. he wakes up great and just goes all day with an endless energy! he wakes up between 7:30 and 8 each morning. he then procedes to wake ledger up who is not ready to wake up. he then runs around the room and eventually ends up banging on his door until we come let him out! they lay down for a nap around 1:30 each day. he usually sleeps for a couple of hours. they go to bed around 8 each night. until the past month, i dreaded bedtime since he would cry and carry on at his door for an hour or so. he now is good to stay in bed and sing himself to sleep within 20-30 minutes. at bedtime, we all get on canon's bed, read a book or sing a couple of songs, each pray, then give hugs and kisses.
bedtime lovies: pillow .blankie. nemo the bear. gary the lamb. cookie monster the green bear. cars fleece blanket. all things must be present and in their proper position! when he wakes up in the morning or from nap, he drags all things to the middle of the living room where i procede to sneak them back to his bed without him seeing!
favorite tv shows: we've been watching a lot of pbs lately. we still watch disney occasionally, but with school out, they start showing older programming earlier than during the school year.
he loves dinosaur train. super why. sesame street. signing time. arthur. clifford. barney. mickey mouse clubhouse. wipeout (with daddy).
favorite movies: anything pixar. anything muppets. pretty much anything his daddy shows him. he also loves to watch different bands' music videoes on youtube.
favorite phrases: "i sorry, mommy" (makes me sound like i run a tight ship, but he says this when he misunderstands something!). "knocked over!" (from despicable me). "oh, i know!" (when an idea hits). "pay with me." "i miss you" (when lane gets home). "i need you" (when he wants me to hold or sit with him). "ase me, gedgie" (chase, me, ledgie). "bite, please." "what dat place?" (to every place we pass in the van!). "who dat guy?" (when we get off the phone with anyone). "what dat do?" (full of questions!). "i beat you" (very competitive).
toileting: just in the past week he's pretty much potty trained! yay! he stays dry and has only had a few accidents this week (2 of the 3 were trying to get his pants down in time). he still wears a diaper at night. he has never woke up dry in the morning and his pedi says this is very common. i'm just so happy that it's gone so smooth this time! he has his little routine of getting his stool, lifting the toilet seat, stepping up, pulling down his undies, peeing, putting seat/lid down, and flushing. LOVE that he can do all this without my help!

good habits: brushing teeth. saying please, thank you, and excuse me. eating any food, including fruits and veggies. giving hugs and kisses freely.

bad habits: pestering ledger. putting things in his mouth. pulling things out of his closet or drawers when he's supposed to be sleeping. not obeying right away.
sizes: pants-18-24 months or 2t. shirts-3t. shoes-6 or 6.5. diapers-5


we love you so much! you have brought so much love and joy and laughter to us in just 3 short years. just like daddy tells you every single night, there's nothing you could ever do that would make us love you less. we are so proud of you! i love you :)


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Lauren said...

Ok this post made me cry because it made me realize how fast he is growing up. He is not only the sweetest kid ever, but also the cutest. Of course Ledgie is too! I love those boys so much and would do anything and everything for them. I wish I could hug him right now! Xoxo Canon...Keep the pestering to a minimum, Ledgie is gonna give you a taste of your own medicine here pretty soon!