first day of school...

canon had his first day of school today. he was so excited! i on the other hand was a nervous wreck. in the 3's class, they need to be potty-trained and i was praying so hard that his 4 days of doing good would carry over!
there was no reason to worry! our sweet childrens' minister texted me throughout the morning giving me updates on how he was doing. after his teacher helped him go potty the first time, he decided he didn't need help anymore and would potty by himself as he needed to. i got teary-eyed when she told me this! he did have to change shirts at one point because a little boy spilled his water on canon!
when we picked canon up, the director told us he did so good, he could pick out a goodie from the treasure chest. he spent a good 5 minutes touching everything in there before deciding on a yo-yo. i was so proud of him! we went to sonic for a happy hour slush to celebrate :) of course, 10 minutes at home and he had a good 'ol, classic meltdown over heaven knows what, but at least he was good for them! when asked what his favorite part of the day was, he responded "playing basketball" in the gym...go figure!
ledger and i had a good day. he's so easy. we had a couple of errands to run, one of which was wal-mart. he wanted to know what everything was so we pretty much just wandered up and down each aisle with me saying what something was and him repeating me. i think he missed his brother, though.

ledger's at the stage that he finds a specific toy within 30 minutes of being awake each morning and attaches himself to it for the rest of the day. today were the baby dolls and their bottles. he was so sweet to them. he's going to be such a great big brother...he's so gentle and loving!
the babies (which drive lane crazy...not because they're playing with dolls, but because the dolls are annoying) sing 2 different songs when you squeeze their bellies. ledger kept setting them down and dancing. a video would've been better of this!
so thankful for this day!


Margo Jean Stewart said...

Way to go Canon!!! And way to go Mom on the intense pre school potty training!

Kyndal said...

So glad your big boy had a great first day! I'm excited/anxious to see how Kaiser does when he starts here in a couple of weeks!