just hanging out...

we are at my mom's house hanging out while our house is a sauna! last week was disrupted by roof damage, lots of rain and wet ceilings. the roof was finally fixed on thursday. we left town friday to go to the lake with lane's family only to return to a super hot house saturday evening. thankfully, my mom was already on her way up to bring the boys home so I caught a ride back to muskogee with her.

the ac guy came out yesterday and said ants had eroded a connector. It's running, but isn't cool. he's supposed to be back out this morning...fingers crossed! in the meantime, we are just hanging out...with no car. i didn't think that one through with my mom having to be at work and chloe at school. whenever it does get fixed, lane will come get us. i have so much waiting on me at our house that i cant relax! however, the boys are loving the simple life and cooler weather. we have now clocked several hours just playing on the driveway. think cool thoughts!

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