20 weeks...

pregnancy highlights
how far along: 20 weeks...assuming i'm over half way done!
size of baby: at my in-depth ultrasound last week, he weighed 11.5 ounces...a coke can almost.
total weight gain/loss: +7
maternity clothes: i have them all out, washed and ironed. i even wore a pair of shorts this weekend. they're still a bit baggy, but the waist band is comfy. i bought a couple of maternity tops on sale this weekend at gap, too, but i'm mainly still wearing my regular clothes.
gender: it's still a boy!
name: knox oliver :)
movement: he's definitely a mover these days. he moves like crazy in the evenings. maybe because it's the time of day i'm sitting most still! this is definitely my favorite thing about pregnancy!
sleep: i'm sleeping great! i usually wake up once or twice during the night, but the important part is the ability to fall back to sleep easily...haha!
what i miss: can't think of anything right now :)
craving: i'm still enjoying cold things, but i can't think of anything specific that i've wanted in the past week. it's so strange this time around to not be eating everything under the sun. sweets still aren't sounding great. i did unashamedly put a 16 oz. ribeye away last night for lane's birthday without blinking!
symptoms: darn ACNE still. it's crazy...and super annoying! and the feeling of always being bloated!
best moment of the week: watching mr. knox on ultrasound for 45 minutes during the specialist appointment and then again this morning at my ob appointment. also, selling our old baby bedding so i can get something new!

we still think he looks like canon!
i had my monthly check-up this morning. it was an uneventful appointment...thank goodness! the past couple of months have made me crazy with all the drama :) baby looked good. weight gain is right on track. blood pressure normal. got to pee in a cup. and wait forever!

my original appointment was yesterday afternoon. after getting there and checking in, he got called away to a delivery. it's a bit frustrating to get there and it get cancelled, but i totally understand. i've had to call him away during office hours for both of my deliveries and appreciate him being there!

my next appointment is in 3 weeks. now that i'm half way there, i feel like we need to get busy! especially because lane has a busy fall schedule. i'd rather just get it done soon and "relax" for the rest of the pregnancy...ha!

sidenote: i've been a terrible, boring blogger lately, but have several drafts that i'm working on to post soon. we have a busy, but fun weekend! enjoy yours :)


Amy said...

I don't think they are boring! I enjoy reading about others' pregnancies. 20'weeks already though? That went by fast!

kyle and megan said...

i've been wanting a lot of beef lately too... wonder if that's a "i'm having a boy" thing?

Jillian said...

I love reading these! But girl you are tiny!! You look great!!