23 weeks...

pregnancy highlights
how far along: 23 weeks...i'm just over 5 months. i feel like it's starting to go really fast!
size of baby: the size of a small baby doll. my belly really popped the past 2 weeks! my doctor measured baby knox today and he weighs around 1 lb 6 oz.
total weight gain/loss: +10 lbs!!! darn sugar cookies.
maternity clothes: i'm wearing a mixture of maternity and regular tops. i wish it'd cool down so i could wear some more maternity tops! still squeezing in my regular bottoms, but it's really uncomfortable. i usually unbutton them in the car and put on stretchy pants at home. i ordered a pair of maternity jeans this weekend and they can't come fast enough!
gender: boy.
name: knox oliver.
movement: i feel him everyday (usually most active in the evenings), but just this past week has really stepped it up! not only do i feel him all through the day, i'm starting to feel his little limbs and extremities pushing against me. i can tell he's getting stronger! sometimes he takes me by surprise with a sudden, strong movement and it takes my breath away...i LOVE it!
sleep: still sleeping great. i can fall asleep easily and usually stay asleep all night. no potty breaks right now! my one complaint are the crazy, morbid dreams i'm having...about my kids. i've had a couple of dreams where knox doesn't make it. i've also dreamed that canon was murdered and another time that he was kidnapped. i wake up from these feeling anxious and not rested.
what i miss: going a day without eating a half dozen tums!
cravings: baked potatoes, strawberry lemonade, sugar cookies, water!
symptoms: indigestion EVERY time i eat, feeling bloated 24/7, left sciatic pain, morbid dreams and ugly skin :)
best moment of the week: laying in bed feeling little man's big kicks. they are so reassuring (especially after crazy, scary dreams)! i also ordered his bedding this week. maybe i'll give a sneak peek of the fabrics since i'm going to have to wait 10-12 weeks to receive it.

i had my monthly appointment today. it's really only been 3 weeks since my last, but 4 since my specialist appointment where he was last measured. the specialist wants him measured every month. i don't where august went. goodness.

i went by myself this afternoon since lane needed to be somewhere before i would more than likely be done with my appointment. so i'm sitting in a crowded waiting room when i casually take a drink of water and then proceed to drop my water bottle on my lap. it spilled out to the left of me, but then rolled back to me (does that make sense?!). my whole left, back side was drenched. thankfully, i sat there for an hour so it had time to dry!

my appointment was good. i asked how the baby's size was looking and told him about my crazy, morbid dreams about him not growing. he said that that kind of irrational fear is sometimes a pre-cursor to post-partum depression. he didn't say i'd get it just that they see the 2 linked more often than not.

he's measuring ahead of schedule again. even though my due date is 12/29, every ultrasound we've had has him due at 12/21-12/23. he's a big one!

he said baby was already head down and will more than likely stay that way...yippee! he also told me i needed to have him by 12/23 before he goes on vacation or else his kids wouldn't be too happy with me for delaying their christmas so he could deliver us...he was kidding obviously! lane wants the baby to come before christmas so we aren't spending our time off in the hospital and at doctor's appointments. we'll see. darn christmas schedules.

i'm so thankful for this tiny life. the good reports are just bonus! seeing his sweet face (via ultrasound) is the icing on the cake. we love you, knox :)

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