last saturday, we headed to good 'ol stillwater for the day to tailgate and celebrate the opening day of college football! there's something about being surrounded by like-minded strangers! go pokes :)

we remembered that morning that the boys had football jerseys that they had gotten earlier in the year. they LOVED wearing them! they also both sported daddy-doo's.
we met my family and some friends out there and ordered pizza. my sister and mom made some yummy dips and we brought watermelon, also! i'll be posting a delicious corn dip soon...oh.my.word! ledger hung out at the table pretty much the whole time. he's a grazer. actually, he just ate his weight in suckers! i still don't know how many he had, but there was always one in his mouth.
on an air conditioner break, aunt lala bought the boys each a foam finger. they were both pretty entertaining! as we walked through the bookstore, anytime ledge would see the osu logo (on a shirt rack or a live person), he'd say "go pokes". it was cute. canon made us all laugh as we were leaving by shouting "number one" with his foam finger in the air...over and over and over! if you give that boy a laugh, he will wear the joke out! they were both just loving their day :)
lane stayed for the game that evening and we caught a ride back home with my mom. it was a fun day...a hot day, but still fun! we missed the 80 degree weather we've been having by like 15 hours! looking forward to lots of football in the coming months. fall is just the best. i hated it when i was little, but i'm so glad i've had a change of heart :)

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