a dream come true...

...at least for my 3 year old! that's right...my boys are now the PROUD owners of light up shoes!
while at target on saturday, canon found and fell in love with these spiderman shoes. he really fell head over heels for them when he discovered they light up! of course, gram insisted he needed them, and if canon was getting a pair, sweet ledger couldn't be left out. thank goodness they had buzz! want to know the ironic part? we were never allowed to get light up/character shoes despite our desire for them. now that mom's a grandma, there's nothing too tacky for her boys!
they are cracking me up. they put them on first thing when they wake up and wear them around the house until it's a) time to go somewhere or b) it's time to sleep. so far, we haven't had any melt downs when i tell them it's time to put their regular shoes on! i LOVE seeing them so excited over such a simple little thing :) thanks, gram!!

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anxiously hopeful said...

It cracks me up that you won't let them wear them in public!