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i've been super lazy when it comes to taking pictures lately. i've got to get better because i know it'll be worse when #3 comes! yesterday, we had a fun day. a family friend is an instructor for an ultrasound class and needed 2nd trimester preggos to let her students practice on. i did this with canon the day after we found out he was a boy. i remember being so excited to see our BOY again!

ledger and i dropped canon off at school and headed to muskogee. ledger got to go play with nora (and eat chocolate pudding that she made him!) while i went to the appointment. i LOVE any excuse to see my baby so i happily laid there while 3 students took turns looking at stomach structures. one of the instructors at the end tried to get some good face shots of him, but he was being ornery. he had the cord AND his feet in his face...didn't get flexibility from me! my favorite part of the experience was seeing his mouth moving (like sucking) and seeing the sweet feet that kick me all the time. i love baby feet!

after picking up ledger, we were running short on time, but lane offered to pick up canon so i could meet my sisters for lunch at one of our favs, harmony house (the best little tea room with the best iced apricot tea). it was a short, but sweet time!

ledger and i took a short nap when we got home and i woke up with the worst headache and case of grumpies that i've had in awhile. thankfully, i had stew in the crockpot so dinner was a breeze. i'm so thankful for lane. he is the best daddy to these boys. i know he's tired, too at 5:00, but knowing the boys love to play with him and they haven't seen him all day, he always prays on his way home that he'll have renewed energy and patience for them. they play hard until bedtime!

after taking a tylenol and benadryl (darn allergies!), lane and i played a couple friendly games of farkle. may be one of my top 3 favorite games! an early bedtime and good night of sleep (i keep waiting for bad sleep...i know it's coming) did me good.

canon had speech this morning. he always looks forward to going and he does great most weeks, but sometimes he has an off day. last week was like that, and today started off not great, but he redeemed himself, thank goodness. he tries so hard!

after collecting little brother from daddy, we headed to babies r' us to get baby ben (my cousin's baby) a 1st birthday gift. my kids were cracking me up. since it wasn't that busy, i let them walk the toy aisles. they both kept saying, "look" or "mom" or "i like this" or "i have this at my home" or "how this work?" and wanted to touch EVERYTHING. i just laughed...roaming aisles of toys must be like heaven to little kids!

we then headed to the mall to exchange a couple of things. i've been colloecting fall things for the past couple of months. with the high only at 60 tomorrow, i figured it was time to break everything out of the closet and get it washed and hung up. i always look forward to switching their closets over twice a year. it's funny now that i'm a mom, i look more forward to dressing my kids than myself (don't get me wrong, a new shirt still makes me giddy).

of course, we had to visit the food court for lunch while there. i was able to convince everyone of chick-fil-a today! it feels wrong to eat sonic at the mall! i asked canon prior to ordering if he needed to go potty. he said, "no, eat". i should've made him go then since it had been a couple of hours and knowing once we were seated, i couldn't just grab him and go since i was alone with the stroller and both kids. about 1/2 way through, he said he needed to go potty and i asked him if he could hold it and finish his food real fast. he said yes and i opted to see how long he could hold it. 5 minutes later as i was packing the stroller up and throwing trash away, i could see the urgency in his sweet face as he wadded up his napkins. then the "uh-oh" came. i felt terrible that i essentially made him have an accident, but i didn't have many options. he waddled to the bathroom for a wardrobe change. i kept apologizing to him and telling him he did the right thing in telling me (even though i didn't listen!). he's just doing so well.

that's about it. man, this is long. sorry :)

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levi.eden.nora.cordie. said...

Not too long! Sweet post! My daughter LOvES your sons!