things i want to remember...

1) when ledger stopped nursing at 1, he picked up the sweetest, soothing habit. anytime he's sad or sleepy, he sucks on the back of his tongue. it works everytime (usually with the help of his blankie, too)! it's something that i'll miss about him when he outgrows it.
2) anytime lane says he's going to grill, canon drags his little grill to the door. lane tells him what we are having, canon grabs the exact, pretend food and then they go outside. canon does everything lane does. anytime lane opens the lid, he does. when lane turns a knob, he turns a knob. he LOVES his daddy! on this particular night, you can tell we were having cheeseburgers!
i LOVE every little thing that make up my boys. they are SO different, but i'm so thankful for their individual personalities! i'm a blessed mama!

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