a sweet tuesday...

tuesday was a great day. i had been looking forward to it for a good week! it started out with my boys finding their sweet cousin, nora, in the next room. her baby sister ended up in the hospital over the weekend with a severe bladder infection. after nora visited her grandparents, she got to come see us!

after dropping canon off at school, we headed to ups. next up, starbucks. a few weeks ago, we went to get coffee one night and because they had to brew decaf and it took a million years, they gave us a free drink coupon (lane didn't even say anything to them. they just acknowledged the time!). i've been saving it for the perfect time! i also had a voucher for a free chickfila breakfast. there was a little insert in my sack a couple of weeks ago saying you could go online to reserve a free breakfast item during this week. score. it's amazing what a free chicken biscuit and grande half caf, white mocha does for my day!!

it was such a beautiful morning that the kids played outside. i LOVE being able to get out and not feel gross!
after everyone took wonderful naps, they played and i got dinner ready. i tried a new pioneer woman recipe. i'm obsessed with her new show. this is so easy and good! we will def be having this again! eden and levi joined us for dinner since there was plenty and they were just getting out of the hospital.

ok...we were so excited as tuesday was coming to a close. in my head, i keep a running count of the days since canon has had an accident. i knew tuesday was the magic, one week anniversary! after hearing how great of a day he had at school and that he didn't have an accident, lane told him we could go get a sno-cone since he had been a big boy for a whole week! he was pumped. we talked about it from the time he got home from school through dinner.

dinnertime hits. the kids get down to play. the adults are talking at the table. all of a sudden, canon says "uh-oh" and starts potty dancing. he said his underwear were wet as he ran to the bathroom. i go in to help him and he is able to finish on the potty. i was so bummed, but thankful that he realized what he was doing and stopped it. today (thursday) marks 3 weeks of training and he's only had 2 accidents in the past 2 weeks...pretty great!! he even told me he needed to go at speech yesterday. i'm so proud of him.

anyway, of course, we let him still go get a sno-cone. pretty sure at that point, lane wanted one more! i opted for a cup of decaf coffee...it was cool out! this series of pictures makes my heart smile :)
canon said he wanted a "green sno-cone" so lane let him order himself a green sno-cone. i think the guy ended up giving him green apple. ledger had some banana something. he ate his in no time and then helped finish off everyone elses!

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