28 weeks...

pregnancy highlights
the first picture above was from 27 weeks, then the second one was this week at 28 weeks. i feel like i grew out and up so much this week. it amazes me what one week can do!

how far along: 28 weeks...3rd trimester!
size of baby: he's 3 lbs! at my doctor's appointment this week, he measured in the 70th %tile. still measuring 1.5-2 weeks bigger than my due date. another ledger?
total weight gain/loss: +19...whoa! that was a big "growth spurt" in a 5 week span.
maternity clothes: yes. still can wear a few non-maternity tops, but maternity is most comfortable.
gender: boy.
name: knox oliver.
movement: YES! he's an active one. i'm really starting to worry! on monday, he moved so low, it was painful. in hopes to get him back up, i unashamedly rolled back on my shoulders with my feet high in the sky to help him move back up. by wednesday, he was floating around again. i'm not ready for that constant pressure/pain of an engaged baby!
sleep: still sleeping pretty well, but i have had a couple of nights where i wake up a million times. i think a lot of this has to do with us trying to figure out a good temperature for the house now that its cooler at night, but not cold. there's a fine line between being too cold and hot. also, with the many early morning appointments we've had and the boys' new wake up time of 6:30-7, i'm not feeling rested. all that to say, i'm thankful that i'm still able to fall asleep in a matter of minutes and stay asleep most nights!
what i miss: i'm still enjoying the pregnancy for the most part. trying to be thankful that i can do this! however, the aches and pains can go whenever they please :)
cravings: pb & j sandwiches...i haven't had one of these in at least a year and now there pretty much all i can think of! also, ramen noodles. i pair these with the sandwich!
symptoms: the aches and pains are arriving in my back and sciatic area. turning over in bed and getting off the couch is becoming increasingly difficult. i've had a couple of days now with braxton-hicks coming and going. i forgot about these and how early they show up. indigestion...good. acne...better. frequent bathroom trips...poor.
best moment of the week: working on knox's nursery. i can't get things checked off my list fast enough!

i had a doctor's appointment this week. it was scheduled for last week, but got cancelled when i was already there...boo. i did, however, still get to do my lovely glucose test! when i went back this week, they said it was fine as was the other bloodwork.

i almost got cancelled again as he had just gotten a call from the hospital, but they squeezed me in before he left. i walked into the office and back out in a record time of 20 minutes. that NEVER happens!

ledger was with me and flirted with all the nurses. they gave him suckers therefore they are his new bff's! he sat so still during the ultrasound and looked confused at the sound of the baby's heartbeat.

the doctor said knox is measuring great...big. he weighs 3 lbs and is in the 70th %ile. this whole time he has measured bigger than his due date. i don't know if my dates are off or he's just a big boy!

it's such a relief to know he's growing great. i've never seen my doctor be more concerned than when i went in with the bleed at 12 weeks. my ultrasound scared him and he was worried (told me later). and now here's a healthy, big baby! thank you, god!
we got to my appointment early so we killed time in the car. i told ledger that brother was moving like crazy so he stopped what he was doing and put his hands on his tummy. he looked so serious! just a short 2.5 months away!

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