blogging catch-up...

i have so many projects started/floating around in my head that i've had a hard time sitting down to blog. we've had a pretty busy couple of weeks on top of that.

2 weeks ago, canon and lane caught the stomach bug. of course, it doesn't take long for canon to dehydrate so after 15 hours of not being able to keep anything down, we headed to the doctor and the day hospital for fluids and zofran. it's amazing how fast that turns things around! within a couple of hours of being there, he was begging for food and drinks. this is the 3rd time this has happened this year, but we were so thankful that this time didn't involve an overnight stay.
later that week, we had a garage sale. i DESPISE having garage sales, but enjoy the end result! thankfully, most of the things were already priced and sorted so it wasn't that much work. we decided to see what we would sell and then ended up taking the rest to goodwill. we did surprisingly well and now i have a clean, organized garage.i'm a happy mama!
we had a super, sweet, youth group girl tell us we would be going on a date friday night and she would be watching our kids free of charge. score! i had been craving a hibachi grill for weeks (i can't get enough sodium these days if you can't tell!). we then got to go sit at starbucks and just talk. it was wonderful!
this weekend, we got to celebrate our sweet nephew, hudsons first birthday. when he woke up from his nap, canon was so excited to see him and wanted to hold him. hudson's just 1.5 lbs lighter than canon! we enjoyed pizza and cupcakes. of course, my kids were the first to the table and the last to leave. they love them some groceries! they also had fun jumping in the jump house. that's their new favorite thing!
among all of these things, we have had at least 3 appointments each week on top of canon's school days. i'm so tired of waking up to an alarm. i suppose it's god's way of preparing me for what's to come with mr. knox :)

we've also been working on several projects in knox's room that had turned into time consuming things. i can't wait to show you the finished project. have i ever mentioned i hate being a perfectionist? because i do. and i always make more work for myself...and lane!

that's about it from here! i'll try to be a bit more consistent in the weeks to come. when i looked back on the blog not long ago, i noticed i was way infrequent the last 3 months of ledger's pregnancy. i don't like that because i was wanting to read about how i was feeling and stuff that go around and i didn't have it recorded. ok...now i'm done :)

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