31 (and a half) weeks...

how far along: 31.5 weeks
size of baby: 3.5 lbsish or 4 oranges...ha!
total weight gain/loss: +22 lbs...wowzer. i gained 30 with canon and 35 with ledger!
maternity clothes: duh! (although the top in this pic isn't maternity and is "tenting" big time!)
gender: another little boy.
name: knox oliver. i LOVE doodling his name!
movement: he's an active boy, but i LOVE it! i'm thankful for the reminders that he is healthy in there. i love watching my stomach morph while he's stretching and moving.
sleep: ugh...i feel like i haven't rested well in a few weeks. i feel like my mind is always going thinking about what i need to do next. i'm able to fall asleep pretty easily at night, but have become a super light sleeper. i wake up every time i turn over. and for the past week, my body has woken up on it's own between 6:50 and 6:55 every morning. preparation i suppose. one day, i'll sleep again!!
cravings: donuts...more specifcally, chocolate-covered cinnamon rolls from daylight!! also, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches AND ramen noodles. like at the same meal. yum...sodium!!
symptoms: well, as i'm sure you can tell from pictures, my face is very round and my nose is spreading. wonderful. reflux has become more of an issue than indigestion. frequent potty breaks. my pelvis feeling like it's going to break in half (dang, stretched out abdominal muscles not supporting baby). not sleeping. i'll stop! i really enjoy being pregnant and am savoring every moment with my sweet babe knowing this is coming to an end soon! oh yeah, i forgot to mention that about a month and a half ago, my belly button officially popped out. i say it looks like a rolo candy!
best moment of the week: seeing knox at the doctor. accomplishing lots off the nesting list. also, i have decided pretty much the decor for the room. i'm ready to finish the room. now to win the lottery...jk :)

and now for some sweet pics of our boy...
i had a doctor's appointment this past thursday (31 weeks) and it went well. the baby looks great. the office was unusually quiet so i feel like we had a more in-depth appointment. ledger's gone with me the last two times and has done well. he gets so serious when it's time for the ultrasound. he has also learned that when the doctor comes in, he gets a sucker! i'm so thankful for uneventful appointments right now. only a few more weeks...and they will fly with all we have going on in the next 2 months. can't wait to snuggle my sweet boy!

question: do you think you can see eyelashes in ultrasounds? in the picture below, it appears as if he has long lashes and if you saw lane and canon's, it wouldn't be all that surprising. i just didn't know if they would show up!


Josh and Maggie said...

Those ultrasound pics are amazing! You can see so many details! I think he looks like Canon. :) And, I think it looks like eyelashes too!

anxiously hopeful said...

Oh, I can't wait to hold him. Those ultrasound pictures are AMAZING. And on a more important note, I didn't even know they made Chocolate covered Cinnamon rolls! I'm almost tempted to get pregnant just so I have an excuse to eat one of those!