we are those people...

guess what we did tonight?!
we have totally been those people every year we have been married. our tree is always up by the first weekend of november. we just enjoy it too much to only have it up a few weeks. plus, i feel like it's a lot of work for only a few weeks. our favorite thing is to sit with all the lights off except the tree's...best lighting ever!
amongst all the nesting, i actually posed the question about a month ago to lane if we should even bother putting it up this year. he quickly shot that down and now i agree! last night, i got the idea in my head to put the tree up this weekend as this seems to be the last low-key one for awhile. he obliged :)
our cute little helpers were a big help! at least they thought they were. after hanging a few ornaments, we pulled out "a new to them toy", the little people nativity. pretty sure they had forgotten we had it. it kept them busy while we finished the tree. i would love to do a tree decor makeover, but, well, life always happens and i'm pretty sure christmas decorations is the very last thing on the 'ol priority list! i'm off to lay on my heating pad and enjoy the season :)

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