33 weeks...

I'm actually 33.5 weeks, but i'm TERRIBLE at blogging lately and the 33 week picture i have is going up today, instead of last thursday!
i had to pull my sweater back so you can get the true picture of that big 'ol belly! and i bet you can't guess what i've asked santa for this year (besides a baby)?! i'm hoping i've been a good enough girl to get a new camera AND the baby!

how far along: 33.5 weeks
size of baby: i'm carrying around a freaking honeydew!! a sweet one, i'm sure :) should be 4-5 lbs now.
total weight gain/loss: as of last thursday at my appointment, still +22 lbs. sooooo much better this time around! i was 20 lbs heavier than i am now when i delivered ledger...yikes. i suppose there's still time!
maternity clothes: yep, but only when i have to. i live in t-shirts and pj pants at home. i'm also so tired of my limited maternity wardrobe, but hate spending money on them when i know it's only for a few weeks. sidenote: i did go into LOFT for the first time since being pregnant this weekend with my mom. it was torture! but i am excited that baggy blouses are in because 1) they're so cute and 2) i'm going to need some major belly camouflaging!
gender: a sweet boy.
name: knox oliver. or knoxy. or ollie. whatever. he's pretty go with the flow when it comes to his name!
movement: still a crazy mover. although, now it's more just jabs and little bones i feel. LOVE feeling a foot or elbow or shin or hand. i did have a scary night last week where when i sat down that evening for the first time all day, i couldn't remember feeling him move any that day. i was poking and turning, and i even went and took a shower, trying to get him going. finally after about 45 minutes, i started feeling him. i guess i was so busy that day that i lulled him into a deep sleep with all the walking/moving!
sleep: ah, sleep. how i miss uniterrupted sleep! i'm to the stage that i wake up everytime i turn over. i still so thankful that i'm able to fall asleep with no problem and go back to sleep when i wake up in the night. no insomnia yet. last night, right before bed, i started feeling some heartburn/reflux, but was already settled in and didn't want to get up. from 11-4, i tossed and turned in the lightest sleep and kept waking up with reflux. finally, at 4, i got up and ate some tums and slept fine until 7:15! lesson learned: keep one of my many bottles of tums next to my bed. i'm still amazed that with as many potty breaks i have during the day, that i maybe only have to get up once. it's great!
cravings: nothing specific comes to mind. i am loving sweets...and sodium still.
symptoms: restlessness, reflux, aches/pains (sciatic and bruised-feeling pelvis). i'm not miserable...yet! i feel so much better than i did with ledger and am just trying to enjoy the last few weeks.
best moment of the week: getting knox's fabric in the mail for curtains and cushion/ottoman. my mimi is coming into town this weekend and is going to help me make them. hopefully, they'll be done in time for when the bedding gets here. it's supposed to ship sometime in the next week. it's been a long 10 weeks of waiting!!

look at this chunker! i can't wait to kiss those cheeks...


Amy said...

33 weeks already? Man it's flying by...i guess not for you. :) You have to be the cutest pregnant mom ever! You get my vote!

Jessica Drew ♥ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

i love your blog.

I traveled over from Megans blog {In this Wonderful Life}. I look forward to reading more! Adorable family!